Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania, is a home rule township located 8 miles south of Downtown Pittsburgh. It is a highly desirable suburban area with a highly rated school district. Its population was 19,229 at the 2010 census. There are many attractions and things to do in this community.

The Cahokia Courthouse

The Cahokia Courthouse is an historical landmark that dates back to the early eighteenth century. You can take a guided tour or visit at your own pace. There are exhibits in the Courthouse that detail issues that were before the court during the 1800s. It’s also worth visiting the Jarrot Mansion, which is currently undergoing restoration. It features exhibits that place area historic sites in the context of eighteenth-century French occupation.

The Cahokia Courthouse is a National Historic Landmark. It was originally built as a residence around 1740, when present-day Illinois was a French colony. In 1793, the Cahokia Courthouse was purchased by the Common Pleas Court of the United States Northwest Territory, and the building became the center for legal and political activity in the region. Today, it’s the state’s oldest courthouse in Illinois, and the only one still standing from the state’s territorial period (1787-1818). The structure is a fine example of French Colonial vertical log poteaux-sur-solle construction techniques.

The Cahokia Country Club

The Cahokia Country Club is a beautiful 18-hole golf course in the area. You can also visit the Cahokia Catholic Church, which was built in 1799. The building is a good example of post-on-sill vertical timber construction, a dominant style in the French colonial era. Lewis and Clark are believed to have visited this church during the winter of 1803-04. Another historic site to visit is Nicholas Jarrot’s brick house, one of the oldest in Illinois. The interior of the mansion is well-preserved to reflect the early 19th century period, and the Cahokia Historical Commission manages the property.

Another great place to visit in Upper Saint Clair is the Cahokia Mounds. This historic site features a World-Class Interpretive Center. There are exhibit galleries and an auditorium for public programs. You can also grab a snack or a cold beverage from the concession stand. The picnic grounds are a good place to eat a picnic. Picnic tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Be sure to bring comfortable clothing, sunscreen and insect repellent.

There are several other places to visit in Upper Saint Clair. The Cahokia Mounds are an important attraction along the Great River Road. They are also part of the National Register of Historic Places. For those who enjoy nature, the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway is a great place to visit in Upper Saint Clair.

The Cahokia Mounds are a UNESCO World Heritage site in Illinois. The Cahokia Mounds are one of the earliest settlements in the Mississippian culture. This culture developed advanced societies throughout the southeastern United States before European contact. It is considered one of the largest archaeological sites in the United States north of the great pre-Columbian cities of Mexico.

There is also a practice facility named Jay Haas. It is named for a famous golfer and course shaper. Jay Haas was instrumental in developing the golf course in St. Clair, which is now one of the best places to visit in Upper Saint Clair.

The fifth hole is a challenging par three. From the longest tees, it plays 267 yards. A few players can handle this hole with a driver, but others are forced to use a full length club. The green is elevated, with a deep bunker to the left. Moreover, the tee to green is accessible via a walking trestle bridge.

Eckert’s Farm

Eckert’s Farm began life as a typical family farm. When Johann Eckert moved to the area, he began a grain and livestock farm. He later bought land for his sons and started an orchard there. In 1862, his son Michael planted his first orchard.

The farm has expanded beyond pick-your-own produce to include a greenhouse, a farm store and a country restaurant. The farm hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, as well as cooking classes and special events for children. In addition to the farms’ extensive offerings, Eckert’s is a great place to spend a day with the family.

The Eckert family had three sons. The youngest son, Michael, would start a roadside retail stand and sell his fruit. He would then buy more land and expand his business. He eventually rented a bricklayer to build a farmstead home. His three sons graduated from the University of Illinois and expanded the farm’s commercial production. In 1963, the family decided to turn the farm into a pick-your-own farm.

During the fall, Eckert’s Farm is a popular place for picking pumpkins and other produce. During this time of year, the farm features a pumpkin fest and pig races. Guests can also enjoy bonfires, horseback riding, corn mazes, and pumpkins.

Located about 20 miles southeast of St. Louis, Eckert’s Farm offers pick-your-own fruit. The farm also sells fresh vegetables and other products. It also has a country store and restaurant. During certain seasons, visitors can even pick their own strawberries and blackberries.

A farm on the Mississippi River Bluffs, Eckert’s Farm is a great place for families. During the fall, the farm offers pick-your-own pumpkins and delectable pumpkin pies. The farm offers several seasonal events, including a pumpkin festival in September.

The farm’s employees have a sense of family and respect for one another. The farm has a board that includes upper management and family members who vote on major decisions. A partnership with local cattle farmer Jack McCormick allows Eckert’s to provide fresh beef all year round.