There are many places to visit in Thorne Bay, Maine. Some of the best attractions include the Eagles Nest Campground, Thorne River Basket, and El Capitan Cave. The church also donated labor and materials to build the pavilion, which overlooks the bay. The pavilion features a display of historical information, as well as a view of the surrounding area.

El Capitan Cave

The most popular cave in Thorne Bay is El Capitan Cave. Located just 94 miles from Hollis, this rocky cavern is a great place to explore without a headlamp. You can take a free two-hour tour during the summer months to learn more about this amazing place. During this tour, you’ll get to explore the hollows where bears and otters have spent the winter.

The cave is remarkably unique for a U.S. city, as the carved passages and dripping passages are reminiscent of a prehistoric environment. It is also home to a large population of muskeg hemlocks, prancing Sitka black-tailed deer, and a population of bears that move like living shadows. The sculpted halls and dripping passages tell a story older than history itself.

The cave is located on Forest Service Road 20. You can reach it in about three hours by car. From the city of Craig, take Forest Service Road 20 and drive approximately four miles east to reach the cave. On the way, you’ll see the Beaver Falls Karst Trail. You can also find a dock for boaters and float plane pilots.

The cave is the largest mapped cave in Alaska, and it contains more than two miles of passage mapped from the main entrance. You can take a free guided tour of the cave during the summer months. You’ll need to hike about one thousand feet, and the tour guide will provide you with a lot of information about cave and karst geology. The tour lasts approximately two hours and will provide you with a unique experience of this cave in Thorne Bay.

Eagles Nest Campground

On Prince of Wales Island, you can find the Eagles Nest Campground. It has 12 camping sites, including ten drive-in sites and two walk-in sites that are located along the shores of Balls Lake. The campground features vault toilets and campfire rings. The cost is $8 per night.

The campground offers a variety of activities, including hiking, swimming, and fishing. You can also go canoeing or small boating on Balls Lake. There are also hiking trails and a wildlife viewing area. In addition, you can observe the Bald eagles that live on Balls Lake year-round. At night, you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings as you watch the eagles circling overhead.

Thorne River Basket

If you are planning a trip to Alaska, you may want to spend time in Thorne Bay, Alaska. This small town was once the site of one of the largest logging camps in the world. It incorporated in 1982 as part of the state’s land sale program. The town is close to several outdoor recreational activities, including fishing in Thorne Bay and hiking in Thorne River. The town is also near the Eagles Nest Campground, Balls Lake, and Sandy Beach picnic areas.

Thorne Bay is located on the eastern shore of Prince of Wales Island. It has a population of about 471 and is separated into two communities: the north and the southside. The Northside is home to many commercial businesses and amenities, while the Southside is a residential area with big lots. If you plan to spend some time exploring the town, you can visit the Thorne Bay library, which features photo albums of the town’s past as the largest logging camp in North America.

El Capitan

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, El Capitan is the place to go. This massive cave is over 400 million years old, and it’s home to many creatures. It’s filled with limestone composition and marine fossils, and it has three levels and many small passageways. You can walk around the cave, but you must be at least seven years old.

El Capitan Cave is located in the Tongass National Forest. It’s accessible during the summer months, and it’s surrounded by old-growth forest. You can explore the cave on your own or take a guided tour. The cave is not open to the public year-round, so it’s best to make arrangements in advance if you’re planning on visiting it.

El Capitan Cave is the most popular cave near Thorne Bay. It’s a 94-mile drive from Hollis and is accessible without a headlamp. Visitors can take a two-hour guided tour of the cave by a U.S. Forest Service guide during the summer months. During your tour, you can see hollows where otters and bears spend the winter.

El Capitan Cave is the longest cave in Alaska, and it’s over two miles long from the main entrance. It’s also the only cave in Southeast Alaska that lets visitors get up close to the geological features. If you’re interested in natural history, geology, or hiking, El Capitan is the place to go.

El Capitan Basket

There is a window of time in Yosemite National Park where you can see the magnificent El Capitan waterfall and the spectacular Thorne River Basket. The latter are less-known waterfalls that are illuminated perfectly by the setting sun. If you’re visiting during the fall, make sure to visit the park during this time to take advantage of this rare natural phenomenon. You can catch this breathtaking scene in a few different ways.