There are several things to see and do in Portland. Mills End Park is a beautiful, narrow green space on the riverfront. It’s a wonderful place to relax and people watch. You can picnic or take a stroll through the park. The Japanese American Historical Plaza is at the north end of the park and is a wonderful spot to see cherry blossoms during the spring. Another highlight of the park is the White Stag Sign, which stands just off the park’s Saturday market.

Oregon Historical Society Museum

Oregon Historical Society Museum is a history museum located in downtown Portland. This museum is more than a century old and is home to an extensive collection of Oregon’s history. It is free to visit and receives over 44,000 visitors a year. It has an amazing collection of artifacts, photographs, and other items.

The museum houses the Portland penny that was flipped for the city’s name. Portland won over Boston on that coin, and it’s a great place to view that coin. The museum also has a library that houses manuscripts, artifacts, books, and films.

While visiting the museum, visitors should keep in mind that they are not permitted to bring food or drinks inside. However, you can get a drink at the drinking fountain in Level 1. Taking photos inside the museum is permitted, but it’s recommended that you leave large items at home. For safety reasons, visitors are also asked to turn off their cell phones.

Located near the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical Society Museum is a great place to visit if you’re a history buff. Its exhibits, including the $4 million Experience Oregon, immerse visitors in the history of Oregon. It includes exhibits on Native Americans, European explorers, and the first settlers to arrive on the Oregon Trail. The museum is located at 1200 SW Park Ave.

The Oregon Historical Society Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and photos. Its Research Library is home to over 85,000 artifacts and 2.5 million photographs. Its 100,000 square foot vault contains over 30,000 books and other important artifacts.

International Rose Test Garden

If you are a flower lover, you may want to check out the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon. This garden is home to more than 10,000 rose bushes in over 650 varieties. You can view these beautiful blooms from April to October. During the peak blooming month of June, the roses will be at their peak beauty.

You can drive to the International Rose Test Garden, but parking can be tricky during peak times. You may also want to consider using TriMet to get there. You can even use their free shuttle service during peak hours. You may also want to bring your bicycle, as this garden is very bike friendly.

There are a number of places in Portland that are free and open to the public. Visiting the Rose Test Garden is a great family activity. While you’re there, be sure to bring your sun block and snacks. You may feel tired after spending a few hours in the garden, so you’ll want to keep hydrated throughout your visit.

The International Rose Test Garden is open to the public year-round. Volunteers help maintain the gardens. The garden is also home to many volunteer programs. If you are interested in helping preserve the garden, you can join the Friends of Washington Park International Rose Test Garden. You can also participate in a gardening workshop.

The International Rose Test Garden is an excellent place to visit while you are in Portland. The garden is free and open to the public, but it’s best to visit during the flowering season, when blooms are at their peak. The International Rose Test Garden has a wide range of rose varieties that are commercially available, but every year ten to twenty varieties are replaced by new roses. The International Rose Test Garden is also an important breeding ground for new rose varieties. The garden was established in 1915 by Jesse Currey, a former editor of the Oregon Journal. He was a passionate rose hobbyist and was looking to preserve the roses that would have been destroyed during World War I.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Tranquil botanical garden with a tea shop and rare plants native to China. A favorite Portland attraction, Lan Su Chinese Garden is a must-visit for any plant lover. Visitors can explore the peaceful garden’s rare plants and ornamental stonework. Afterward, refuel with a cup of tea at the charming teahouse.

A stroll through the Chinese Garden can be a rejuvenating experience and a perfect way to learn about the culture of Chinese people. This garden features a lake, open pavilion, hundreds of species of plants and trees native to China. A teahouse offers traditional Chinese tea and light snacks.

Portland’s Chinese Garden is a peaceful oasis where families can relax. It is modeled after the gardens of the Ming dynasty, and features carefully landscaped elements. The garden also features displays of Chinese culture and art. Visitors can also participate in workshops, tea ceremonies, and performances.

Portland is a sister city of Suzhou, China, and you can visit this beautiful garden. The garden is decorated with beautiful stone mosaics, each one depicting a different garden scene. The doors also feature a poem by Wen Zhengming, a famous poet of the Zing dynasty. The Chinese Garden has many other attractions as well, including an interactive touch screen display and a cafe.

Lan Su Chinese Garden is located in Portland’s Chinatown. It is considered the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. It recreates the urban garden style of the Ming dynasty era, from 1368 to 1644, when the elite class of scholars built their walled house and garden compounds. These gardens served as private pleasure grounds and retreats for their masters. The garden’s design was created in 1999 by 65 craftspeople in Suzhou, China. The garden features intricate architectural features and 500 tons of specially chosen rock.

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is among the best places to visit for families in Portland. With its huge elephant enclosure, penguin exhibit, rose garden, train rides, and many other attractions, this zoo is a fun educational activity. Families can enjoy self-guided tours, zoo railway rides, and special events.

The Oregon Zoo offers more than two thousand animals from more than 200 species. It recently opened new habitats as part of its decade-long expansion. It also offers summer concerts and behind-the-scenes tours. Recent visitors praised the zoo’s manageable size and the variety of animals that they could see. Guests should plan on spending two to four hours in this fun attraction.

During the summer, the Oregon Zoo hosts special outdoor events. You can also visit the zoo during the winter to see the beautiful lights of the Zoo. There are also a variety of activities at the zoo throughout the year, including feeding giraffes, trying on polar bear costumes, and riding elephants.

The Oregon Zoo is also a popular place to visit for families. In addition to seeing a variety of animals, families can also enjoy the world-renowned Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. Founded in 1971, this outdoor garden features beautiful trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Portland has numerous points of interest. From the zoo, to art galleries and other entertainment venues, the city is a great vacation destination. The city is also home to many interesting museums and points of interest. Take the time to discover these Portland attractions and you’ll be enchanted by this great city.

If you’re planning a trip to Portland, it’s best to plan your itinerary before you travel. The city is packed with sights, activities, and attractions, so make sure to plan ahead. If you’re planning to take a family vacation, you can check out the Oregon Zoo, one of the best places to visit in Portland.

Forest Park

Forest Park is a huge urban forest located inside the city limits of Portland. It is a great place to go hiking, jogging, or bike riding and is open year-round. The park is divided into a network of trails that are suitable for different skill levels. The trails are looped and overlap so you don’t have to follow a specific path.

Forest Park is home to a wide variety of animals, including eleven2 bird species and 62 mammal species. The Audubon Society of Portland runs a 150-acre nature sanctuary on the grounds of the park, which is free to enter. You can enjoy four miles of trails in the park.

Forest Park has many entrance points. It is a popular place for people who like to walk their dogs or hike. There are also a number of winding trails that allow you to explore the park. The area is also popular with families and young people. It is easy to find and explore.

Forest Park has several miles of trails that are perfect for bicycling. There are bike friendly trails along Leif Erikson Drive, Saltzman Road, and Springville Road. You can also bike on Firelane 5, a natural surface trail. People with disabilities can also use motorized mobility devices. However, e-bikes are not permitted in the park.

Besides being a beautiful place to visit, Forest Park is also home to many species of wildlife. You can find more than 150 bird species in the park. You can also hike through the woods and explore a variety of creeks and canyons.