Philomath is a city located in Benton County, Oregon. The city got its name from the Philomath College that was established here. As of 2010, the population was 4,584. The city has grown to a population of 5,666 as of 2019; and is part of the Corvallis, Oregon, Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Philomath, Oregon, is an attractive college town located in the Willamette Valley, 80 miles south of Portland. The weather is nice throughout the year, with the best months to visit being July, August, and September. You can also enjoy the town’s warm winters during December and January.

The small town of Philomath is one of Oregon’s emerging destinations, and offers many unique things to see and do. You can spend a day or even an entire weekend exploring the area. Just make sure to check the road conditions before you start your journey. Some cities are within an hour’s drive of Philomath.

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If you’re looking for a place to visit in Oregon, Philomath, OR is an excellent choice. This city is located in the Kings Valley, surrounded by rural terrain. Although it is a small community, it’s still a good choice. In fact, this former dry town was the last in the West Coast to repeal its dry status, in 2002.

As a tiny town, Philomath is often overlooked by tourists, so visitors should plan a side trip when visiting the region. Although it is much smaller than other cities in the United States, this town has many interesting things to offer. This small town is a great choice for those who are looking for a relaxing getaway or are on a road trip to Eugene or Portland.

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Philomath is a growing city with new commercial developments and new neighborhoods springing up all over town. The area is known for its family friendly atmosphere, outdoor recreational opportunities, and strong community values. Residents enjoy the proximity to Oregon State University and its athletic teams, as well as the strong public school system and access to health care. In addition, living in Philomath means that you can commute easily to work and enjoy the city’s amenities.

If you have children, proximity to daycare centers and urgent care centers is important. Philomath is home to Noah’s Ark Day Care, which is a great option for parents. Nearby urgent care centers are also convenient. Walking distance to schools, stores, coffee shops, and public transportation can greatly improve your quality of life.

Philomath’s livability score is above average, which is based on various factors. The area’s cost of living, crime rates, and education all play a role in the overall livability of a community. The livability score also considers the happiness of its residents.

Philomath is a town with a college population and close proximity to Portland, Oregon. The city is located in the Willamette Valley, about 80 miles south of Portland. The weather in Philomath is pleasant during the months of July and August, with temperatures a bit cooler in January.

Philomath has a wide range of dining options and has many places to visit, including Subway, Imagine Coffee, and Human Bean. Many residents of the community enjoy brunch at Eats & Treats Cafe, Jona’s Market, and Blue Monkey Desserts. You’ll also find a variety of tacos at the popular NutCakes Bakery. If you’d rather enjoy a dine-in experience, you can go to Growing Together Farm and La Rockita Mexican Restaurant.

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The quaint town of Philomath, Oregon, is a scenic gem nestled at the base of Marys Peak, one of the tallest peaks in the Oregon Coast Range. The city also boasts a mild climate, typical of the Mid-Willamette Valley. The town’s name is Greek for “lover of learning,” and it proudly embraces its heritage rooted in education and hard work.

The town takes its name from the nearby Philomath College, which opened in 1867 and eventually closed during the Great Depression. Today, the campus is home to the Philomath Museum, which features artifacts from the college’s past. The museum, which is housed in a three-story brick building built from red bricks dug from the grounds of the town, is operated by the Benton County Historical Society. Visitors can experience a variety of exhibits, including historical themed displays as well as works by contemporary artists.

Another highlight is Humbug Mountain, a state park at an elevation of 1730 feet. Whether you’re interested in hiking or biking, this Oregon state park has some of the best views in the state. If you’d like to spend more time on the coast, you can visit Gold Beach, a popular town on the Oregon coast near the California border. This area of Oregon is known for its warm temperatures, vast dunes, and beautiful views of the Rogue River.

While you’re in Philomath, you can take in the town’s rich culture through its arts, food, and wine. Visitors can visit the 93-foot-high Yaquina Head Lighthouse, which is located on a basalt rock headland. The lighthouse offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and a great chance to view whales. You can also enjoy tide pools and discover marine life.

Nearby the town, you’ll find the Yachats area, which features small-town charm and an abundance of outdoor activities. In the area, you can also explore Cape Perpetua, the highest accessible viewpoint in Oregon. Hiking or biking up to the cape’s base provides unmatched views of the rugged coast. Cape Perpetua also has 26 miles of trails, scenic lookout points, and rich tidepools. If you don’t mind camping near the ocean, the town has an excellent campground nestled between ocean and forest.