If you are considering a visit to Perdue Hill, Alabama, here are some places to consider. These attractions are within driving distance of the town, but they also have a unique charm that makes them an excellent choice for a romantic getaway. Read on to learn more about these wonderful locations!

Cheaha State Park

If you’re looking for a fun place to go hiking in Alabama, then you’ve come to the right place. Cheaha State Park is a public recreation area in Clay and Cleburne counties that features more than two thousand acres of land. It’s also home to Alabama’s highest peak – Cheaha Mountain – which is 2,799 feet above sea level.

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity, the park has many trails, waterfalls, and rock climbing. There are also accommodations and lodging available for those looking for a fun day in nature. A $5 entry fee will allow you access to all of the park’s activities. You can even try your hand at gem mining. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just an amateur mountain biker, you’ll find something to do in this state park.

The park also has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with an olympic-sized pool filled with cold mountain spring water. The pool is usually closed during the day, but you can still enjoy the view if you wear comfortable footwear. In addition, if you’re visiting the park in the daytime, you can take advantage of Cheaha Lake and take a boat ride on its waters.

Those who enjoy mountain biking can explore the park’s extensive mountain bike trails. There are several routes to choose from, including the Cheaha Express, Deer Run, Upper Spring Loop, and Lower Spring Loop. The lower spring loop is the easiest route, but it’s not without its challenges.

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a small gem of an Alabama beach town. The beach is a great place to cool off in the sun and catch a great sunset. There are several public beach access areas throughout the island. You can also enjoy the arts on Dauphin Island. Dauphin Island is home to the Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council, a non-profit organization that promotes art and provides educational opportunities for local artists. The council also runs a small art gallery featuring local artists. This gallery is located at 918 Bienville Boulevard. The building is easily identifiable by its red and white lighthouse.

The museum is open year-round and houses more than 100 species of aquatic life. It is also home to a nature center. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is an excellent place for kids to learn about the local marine ecosystem. It is free to visit and hosts Boardwalk Talks. The talks are meant to educate visitors about the Mobile Bay estuary.

Dauphin Island is also home to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. This site contains many bird species. Visitors can observe a wide variety of birds, as well as the nesting Osprey. There is also a public beach and pier for easy access.

Dauphin Island is located about 45 minutes from Mobile and has a population of around 1,300 people. The beaches on Dauphin Island are less busy than most beaches in Alabama. In 2013, the island was named the ‘Sunset Capital of Alabama’. There are a number of historic sites in Dauphin Island. The Dauphin Island Estuarium at the Sea Lab are just a few of the places to visit while visiting the island.


The Mentone Farmers’ Market is a great place to pick up some fresh produce. Many locals and tourists come to the market every Saturday to purchase fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish. Visitors can also find gifts and catering services. The market is also a great place to meet fellow Mentone residents.

You can take a boat ride on the Mentone Scenic River. It takes about an hour to float down the river. Depending on the time of year, you can choose between a 45-minute or an hour-long excursion. The river is gorgeous all year long, with lush forests and a variety of fish. The scenery is especially beautiful during fall, when fall foliage displays light shades of yellow and orange. You can also take a hike in the area.

Located in the woods of Lookout Mountain, Mentone is a picturesque town with a small population. This town is home to the Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort and Shady Grove Dude Ranch. It has a surprising amount of tourist appeal. A famous eatery is the Wildflower Cafe, which serves up a delicious tomato pie.

If you want to experience nature at its best, make sure to check out the waterfalls of DeSoto Falls and Lookout Mountain. The picturesque waterfalls are ideal subjects for photos. A nearby skiing resort, Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort, is a great place to go if you’re interested in winter sports.

The Mentone State Park has plenty of picnic benches and a picnic pavilion. The best time to visit the park is late afternoon, when the sun is setting and the stars begin to appear. You can also enjoy the colorful foliage in the fall.

Mentone State Park

If you’re visiting Mentone, Alabama, you’ll want to check out the nearby DeSoto State Park. This popular park is close to Mentone, and features plenty of camping sites. You can also hike along trails that lead to waterfalls, smaller waterfalls, and ridges with panoramic views. No matter which trail you take, you’ll be guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

The park is a great place to enjoy the fall foliage, and the area is home to Colorfest, an annual event celebrating the fall foliage. In spring, there’s another festival honoring the rhododendrons. There’s also a downtown area and a farmers market that attract locals and tourists all year long.

You can also enjoy the picturesque scenery at Mentone Mountaintop Lake. This lake is home to catfish, striped bass, and crappie. There are also docks and scenic views. The area is a popular destination for fishing and landscape photography.

If you’re a nature lover, you may also want to check out Mentone’s quaint mountain village. Its beautiful waterfalls, including Desoto Falls, are 104 feet high. The Desoto Falls cascade into a beautiful emerald pool below. During your visit, be sure to visit the Log Cabin Craft Village and look around for handmade items. Wooden Indians and pottery are the most popular souvenirs. In addition to shopping, you’ll be able to visit the St. Joseph’s on the Mountain, which features stained-glass windows.

Mooresville State Park

Mooresville is a small town with a rich history and quaint old world charm. The town is home to the oldest post office in Alabama, a National Register of Historic Places, and two quaint churches from the 1800s. The town’s historic post office is still in operation, and you can enjoy the shops in the town or visit the nearby JaVa Café for a slice of their famous blueberry pie.

The town of Mooresville is also home to the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, which features over 40 famous race cars and a visitor’s center. This attraction is a great place to learn about the history of the motorsports industry in the area.

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, try a day at the Lazy 5 Ranch. The family-friendly park has a petting area that allows visitors to interact with animals. You can also grab a snack at the Snack Shack. For lunch or dinner, try out one of the local restaurants. Pomodoro’s Italian American Cafe, which has a charming Tuscan-inspired setting, serves delicious Italian-American favorites. The restaurant also offers gluten-free options and a full-service bar. Outdoor seating is also available for dining.

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll find a lot of wildlife and a variety of bird species at the state park. Bird watchers will enjoy the scenic paths and the 100-foot birding observation tower. Visitors can also visit the Moore-Webb-Holmes Plantation, a working plantation that is sixth-generation owned.

For swimming, there is an area on the south side of the park that serves as a beach. The swimming area also features a bathhouse and concessions. It is open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Memorial Day to Labor Day. During these hours, you’ll find lifeguards on duty. There’s a small fee to swim, and you can use cash or credit cards to pay.