Looking for a relaxing retreat near Lake Michigan? Then Oostburg, Wisconsin is the perfect place to stay. The Dutch-settlement town offers wonderful hotels and attractions. You can explore the area and enjoy its beautiful scenery. You can also check out the historical sites and museums.

Lake Michigan offers a relaxing getaway

The charming village of Oostburg on Lake Michigan offers a relaxed getaway that is full of historic charm and attractions. This lakefront community was founded in the 1840s by Dutch immigrants. It is filled with reminders of the early settlers, including miniature windmills and tulips throughout the town. The town also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year. The lakefront community is a popular destination for visitors who wish to experience the natural beauty of the area.

Renting a vacation rental in Oostburg is a great way to experience the town’s charming atmosphere. You can find private homes with private pools and fire pits. Some of these homes also offer great views of the lake or a wooded area. There are many options to choose from when choosing a place to stay in Oostburg.

The home overlooks Lake Michigan and offers spectacular views. The property features a private beach and several decks that allow you to enjoy the lake’s beauty. The property also offers several indoor amenities, including flat-screen televisions with Blu-Ray/DVD players, Netflix, and Hulu Live TV. It is also equipped with a full kitchen and washer/dryer.

Oostburg is a Dutch settlement

Oostburg is a city located in south-western Netherlands, in the province of Zeeland. Its population was 4731 as of January 2015, down from 5,081 in January 2005. The town received city rights in 1237. Prior to 1 January 2003, the town was called Sluis.

The town is known for its family-friendly spaces and hard-working neighbors. Its streets are litter-free and the community welcomes new residents and businesses. The city is also known for its safety and overall cleanliness. Despite the city’s small size, Oostburg offers a peaceful atmosphere.

The town’s history is rooted in Dutch immigration. In the 18th century, a Dutch postmaster named Peter Daane settled in the town and established a thriving business. He also served in the Civil War and is considered to be the town’s founder. Several of his descendants still live in the town today. Pieter Daane was born on 26 March 1835 in Westkapelle, Zeeland, and married Pieternella van der Driest.

It has great hotels

Oostburg is an affordable town with a few great hotels. Most of the hotels are budget friendly, offering deep discounts, free early check-in, and more. In addition, you’ll find ATMs and vending machines on site. Oostburg’s great hotels are close to the town’s top attractions, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on accommodations.

Oostburg offers a variety of affordable lodging options, including bed & breakfasts. These accommodations feature basic amenities, but excellent comfort. A bed & breakfast makes your trip feel more like a home away from home. If you’d rather stay somewhere else in the town, motels are also an option.