New Iberia, Louisiana, is the largest city in the parish of Iberia. It is located approximately 21 miles southeast of Lafayette, Louisiana. As a result, it is part of the Lafayette metro area and is considered a part of the Acadiana region.

Conrad Rice Mill

Conrad Rice Mill is a historic, independently owned mill located in New Iberia, Louisiana. It produces a range of rice varieties under the Konriko brand. Opened in 1912, it is one of the oldest rice mills in the United States.

This mill is America’s oldest continuously operating rice mill, and the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can take a tour of the mill and get a free sample of the finished product. The staff is friendly and offers a 45-minute guided tour of the facility. There are also times when visitors can sample free cooked rice.

The mill is one of the most popular places to visit in New Iberia. You can tour the mill and learn about the history of rice farming in Louisiana. There are also historic homes in the town and a museum. The city’s downtown district has many restaurants, boutiques, and shops. If you have time, you can even take a self-guided walking tour and visit 20 different locations. During your tour, you can also check out the city park and Bouligny Plaza, where the city holds annual events.

New Iberia is a historic city located in Louisiana. It is the parish seat of Iberia Parish and is 21 miles southeast of Lafayette, Louisiana. The town is home to the Conrad Rice Mill, one of the oldest independent rice mills in the country. Two of its buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bayou Teche Museum

There are many great places to see in New Iberia, but Bayou Teche Museum is a particularly special destination. It is the first museum in the country that focuses solely on the history of the Bayou Teche region. This museum is well-worth a visit for its historical significance and its beautiful setting.

The museum offers a wide range of exhibits that will leave you intrigued. From paintings to artifacts, you can learn about the city’s early history. A specialized exhibition at the museum highlights the early days of public schooling. It is filled with pictures, information boards, and a replica of a typical 1870s school. The museum also offers a wonderful collection of art from late local George Rodrigue. The artist was known for his famous Blue Dog paintings. The exhibition titled Happy Blue Dog is a mixed-media collection of 13 paintings by Rodrigue.

In the heart of New Iberia, the Bayou Teche Museum is a fascinating place to visit. Featuring interactive exhibits, this museum is a perfect place to educate yourself about the history of New Iberia. Other exhibits include a history of TABASCO and the local food industry. There is even a museum dedicated to the history of sugar refining, where you can see an original sugar kettle and see old sugar processing tools. Another highlight of the museum is the Duffy’s Diner, which serves a traditional 1950s meal with family-friendly service.

New Iberia is known for its culinary talents. It was once the home of the Acadians, who were driven out of Nova Scotia by British troops. Today, New Iberia is home to a unique mix of cultures and heritage.

Downtown New Iberia

New Iberia is a city in southwest Louisiana. It is the parish seat of Iberia Parish and is 21 miles southeast of Lafayette. It is part of the Lafayette, Louisiana, metropolitan statistical area. The area includes several cities and is part of Acadiana. The city is home to more than 20,000 people.

Downtown New Iberia is home to a vibrant mix of locally owned stores and restaurants. There are self-guided walking tours of the historic district that can take you to up to 20 stops. You can also enjoy New Iberia City Park and the historic Bouligny Plaza. These areas are popular for festivals and other special events and feature a Greek Revival house.

The Downtown New Iberia Farmers’ Market is an excellent place to buy fresh, locally grown produce. While traditional farmers’ markets may limit the types of items that can be grown in their fields, Downtown New Iberia is different. It offers all natural, whole foods that are produced right in New Iberia.

The Downtown New Iberia urban redevelopment master plan focuses on downtown districts, economic development, and tourism opportunities. It also preserves the history and character of the downtown area. The plan also maps out future public developments in downtown New Iberia. The plan also emphasizes sustainable improvements and opportunities for community involvement.

Book Along the Teche Literary Festival

The Book Along the Teche Literary Festival returns to New Orleans for its sixth year, with trips, tours, social events, and culinary events. The festival features ticketed events like the Boogie On Down Evening Party, which takes place in Bouligny Plaza and features live music and Cajun fare.

The festival will feature Louisiana writers and authors. There are also panel discussions and other social events, and you can shop, dine, and even learn to play the Cajun card game Bouree. The festival is a must-attend for book lovers in Louisiana. The festival will also feature a cooking demo.

This festival is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the work of great Southern writers and Louisiana culture. This year’s theme is “Celebrating New Iberia, Dave Robicheaux’s Hometown, Great Southern Writers, and Osha Gray Davidson.” You can attend writing workshops, poetry readings, live music, movie screenings, and literary tours of New Iberia.

Jane’s Seafood

Whether you’re visiting for a romantic weekend, a family reunion, or to celebrate a birthday, Jane’s Seafood is a great choice. It offers everything from fried rice and egg drop soup to char-grilled oysters and boiled shrimp. Its seafood is fresh and delicious, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Located in New Iberia, Louisiana, Jane’s Seafood is an up-to-the-minute eatery that serves boiled seafood, Chinese food, and Cajun specialties. The Vietnamese-owned restaurant features an eclectic menu of Cajun and Chinese dishes and has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A large bar adds to the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Guests can order a range of seafood dishes from Cajun to Vietnamese and can choose from a variety of specialty soups and salads. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, but closed on Mondays. If you’re looking for a good meal, you can’t go wrong with the Fried Special Seafood Platter.

The food at Jane’s Seafood is among the best in New Iberia. New Iberia is a unique melting pot of cultures. Its history dates back to the French and Spanish eras. Acadians and French people, who settled in New Iberia, became Cajuns. The town is rich in culture and history. You can experience the rich history in New Iberia by visiting the many historical markers.

The downtown district is also home to a variety of landmarks and attractions. The Rip Van Winkle Gardens, which are semi-tropical gardens, are one of the best places to visit in New Iberie. The Rip Van Winkle Gardens, a historic plantation, includes a botanical garden and rookery. Visiting this area is the second-most-popular activity in New Iberia after the Tabasco Factory.