Millport is a small town situated on the island of Great Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde, in the council area of North Ayrshire. It is about 4 miles south of the ferry terminal that connects the island to the Scottish mainland. There are several places to visit in the town, including the Bowling Club, Cathedral of the Isles, and Historic buildings.

Bowling Club

Located near the main pier in Millport, the Bowling Club in Millport is a popular and family friendly place to bowl. It offers a warm welcome to new members and competitive and friendly tournaments. The club is fully licensed and has three excellent greens. It also hosts a Youth Academy for children aged eight and older. There’s also an 18-hole putting course for those who want to improve their skills.

Located one hour from Glasgow, Millport is easily accessible by car or public transport. The nearest major train station is Glasgow Central. A bus service is also available. It’s possible to catch a ferry to Largs from Largs, which takes around seven minutes. The Ferry will also meet you at Millport.

In addition to running the bowling club, Cumbrae also hosts an annual garden festival. It started with a few borrowed containers from other festival organisers. The event has become a major attraction for the area. It’s a fantastic way to promote the club and the town. It’s also a great way to raise funds for the club.

Cathedral of the Isles

The Cathedral of the Isles is Britain’s smallest cathedral, built in 1851. This historic building is decorated with lattice woodwork and contains fragments of early Christian carved stones. Visitors can experience an unforgettable spiritual experience at this eco-friendly property. The property is a short drive from several tourist attractions and offers free WiFi.

The Cathedral of the Isles, also known as the Collegiate Church of the Holy Spirit, is located in Millport, a town on the Isle of Cumbrae. Designed by William Butterfield, the building is small, but beautifully crafted. The Cathedral hosts concerts throughout the year, and performers travel from all over the world to perform there. The building also houses accommodation. The island of Cumbrae is a 10-minute ferry ride from Largs on the mainland.

The Cathedral of the Isles is a post-Reformation church. Its east end is attached to two further ranges of buildings, giving it the appearance of a medieval cloister. It has high ceilings and detailed decoration. It is a beautiful place to meditate or pray.

There is a stone spire atop the church, and the north face of the building has five lancet style windows. The south side wall of the nave features a round-lobed trefoil window. The west gable has an octagonal stair tower. The chancel is long and narrow. Its south wall features two lancet-style windows.

Little Cumbrae yoga retreat

Sunita Poddar, a devout Hindu and ambitious businesswoman, has bought a 700-acre island off the coast of Ayrshire and plans to turn it into an international yoga pilgrimage site. The island’s name comes from the Gaelic word for “shelter.” Poddar has plans to transform the island into a center for yoga, meditation, and health.

The Poddars, who run Lambhill Court care home in Glasgow, bought the island for PS2 million earlier this year. They plan to rename the island Peace Island and create an international yoga retreat on it. They will also introduce a range of relaxation techniques, including laughter yoga, meditation, and detox treatments.

‘Swami’ Ramdev is one of the most controversial figures in yoga. His show has 20 million viewers each day and he once claimed that yoga can cure HIV. However, the new owners of the island are taking steps to keep their practices private, and are urging visitors to avoid promoting his brand on social media.

The island is located in the Firth of Clyde and has only one settlement: Millport. It is low-lying, tooth-shaped, and agricultural. There are few hotels and restaurants on the island, and you can explore it on foot. You can kayak among seals or hike the island’s trails.

Historic buildings

Millport on Cumbrae is home to several historic buildings including the Garrison House, a former spa hotel built in the 18th century. It was almost destroyed in a fire in 2001 but has since been restored and used as local council offices and a library. It is open to the public and has a museum and internet access.

The town hall is one of the town’s historic buildings and is currently listed on the At Risk Register. It is a community favourite and has played an important role in the Island’s history for over 140 years. The Cathedral of the Isles is Britain’s smallest cathedral and is also part of the town’s historic attractions.

The town hall is currently in disrepair and is in need of restoration. The two-storey building is leaking from downpipes and has damaged stonework. The south range of the building is in worse condition with a large vertical crack and a damaged mullion. The town hall is owned by a charitable body which is working on securing funding to restore the building.