There are a number of places you can visit while in Metlakatla, Alaska. Some of these are the Longhouse, the Artist Village, and the Annette Island Reserve. There are also several places you can stay while in Metlakatla, such as the Haven Hotel.


While visiting Metlakatla, you will find plenty of things to do, including visiting the Longhouse, a traditional Tsimshian building. While you’re there, you can learn about the Tsimshian culture through an educational tour. You can also view old Tsimshian artifacts and dances, and learn the local language, Sm’algyax.

Metlakatla is located on the Annette Islands, 20 miles off of Ketchikan. There are around 1,400 Tsimshian natives living here, and you’ll be able to see many of their intricate totem poles and Longhouse. There are also many Native paintings and crafts on display, as well as traditional dances, songs, and ceremonies.

Artist Village

Metlakatla is the only Tsimshian village in the United States, and the only Indian reservation. After Cruise West went belly up three years ago, the village has seen little tourism. Fortunately, the village is on the rise again. A local vendor offers car rentals to tourists who wish to explore the area on their own.

This beautiful community is home to some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Its stunning views of the Mt. Tamgas massif are a spectacular backdrop. The community’s art is available for purchase. The local artists offer tours and demonstrations of their craft.

The community is located on the Annette Island in the Inside Passage. There are around 1,300 residents here. The village features many totem poles and a traditional Long House. It also features native artwork and holds traditional dances and ceremonies. The village is accessible by ferry and floatplane from Ketchikan, Alaska.

The community has a strong interest in its children and encourages their success in sports and academics. The village’s school children are particularly active in basketball, and many community members go to watch their games. The school children even travel to other communities, but this requires boat or plane travel.

The Metlakatla Indian Community is a federal reserve in Alaska. It is located in the southeast corner of the state. Unlike other Indian reservations, the Metlakatla Indian community does not participate in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. It is home to just over 1,400 people, and is still considered a thriving community.

The village is open to the public on Founders Day. It hosts events for locals and tourists alike. During the festival, the town celebrates its culture. A parade featuring a Pioneer theme, field events, food and wares, and fireworks all add to the festival atmosphere.

The Haven Hotel

The Haven Hotel offers 137 rooms in six categories to accommodate all tastes and budgets. The hotel features a sophisticated aesthetic with rich fabrics and neutral colors. Plush robes and down bedding are among the amenities in guest rooms. In addition, the hotel has its own fitness center.