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Average day temperature in Kalida in June

The average day temperature in Kalida in June is 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is mildly cool. However, it can be extremely hot in some parts of the year, with high temperatures ranging from 80degF to 106degF. The hottest month in Kalida is July, and the coldest month is January. As a result, the average temperature in June is around 34 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very comfortable for most people.

Kalida, Ohio gets around 37 inches of rain per year and only 22 inches of snow. The area has an average of 184 sunny days, compared to 122 cloudy ones. This means that there’s a good chance of getting a good sun tan while you’re in the area.

Kalida’s temperatures are often cool during the day. Perspiration is the human body’s natural means of cooling itself. The evaporation of sweat helps remove excess heat from the body, which in turn reduces the sensation of overheating. When the heat gain in the body exceeds the body’s ability to shed sweat, the body temperature increases. When this happens, dehydration can result. The months with the lowest humidity in Kalida are June and August, when the average relative humidity is seventy-five percent or less.

Average day temperature in Kalida in July

July is a beautiful time to visit Kalida, as temperatures can be quite warm. The city enjoys an average daytime temperature of 65F, with a high temperature that rarely falls below 38 degrees. The average nighttime temperature drops to the mid-to-low 40s, but warms up quickly when the sun rises in the morning. The temperatures can still be chilly at night, though, when the sun sets behind the mountain range.

Summer in Kalida, Ohio is a warm month, with temperatures ranging from 63degF to 81degF. Daytime high temperatures are on average slightly cooler than nighttime lows, so a light jacket is recommended. The highest daily average low temperature is 62degF on July 29. The coldest days of the year range from 19degF to 33degF.

Average day temperature in Kalida in January

The coldest month in Kalida is January, with an average day temperature of 33degF. The dry season lasts 3.3 months, and the snowless period lasts 7.0 months. The least amount of snow falls on July 22, with an average accumulation of 0.0 inches. The amount of precipitation varies greatly throughout the year. The wetter season lasts for 6.0 months, from March 24 to September 24, with an average of 11.2 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

The climate data used to calculate the average temperature in Kalida are adjusted to take into account the elevation of the site and the change in MERRA-2 satellite reanalysis since the previous period. The estimated value at Kalida is a weighted average of individual contributions from each station, with weights proportionate to the distance between Kalida and the given station.

Kalida experiences a variety of temperatures throughout the year. In the cooler months, the average high temperature is around 65 degrees, but nighttime temperatures can dip to the mid to low 40s. Fortunately, temperatures warm up quickly the following day when the sun rises. However, the evenings can be quite chilly as the sun sets behind the mountain range.

The Climate Prediction Center predicts a 47% chance of above normal temperatures and 45% chance of below-normal precipitation. In January, the number of daylight hours will increase from 10 hours 39 minutes and 55 seconds on January 1 to 11 hours 28 minutes and 31 seconds on January 28th. This is a gain of 48 minutes and 36 seconds.

In August, the average day temperature in Kalida ranged between 64deg and 77deg. During this month, two weather systems brought light precipitation to the area, with totals of less than an inch. However, the east winds were very strong and gusty during this period. Wind gusts on the 28th of August ranged from 20 to 40mph, with some localized gusts of up to 55mph.

The average maximum temperature in Kalida in January was around 15 degrees F below average, and some locations were 15 degrees below average. This cool period was extended by clouds associated with Hurricane Ian. Throughout January, the temperature was between five and ten degrees below average. During the coolest days of the month, the minimum temperature dropped below zero degrees.