The best time to visit Jetmore is between late June and late August, when the weather is pleasant and there are few days of rain. Summer days are typically warm and sunny, with a perceived temperature between 75degF and 90degF. The hottest days are in July, with the third week of July being the best time for swimming. The climate of Jetmore is dependent on a variety of factors, including temperature, cloud cover and precipitation.

Average monthly rainfall in Jetmore

Weather in Jetmore is very mild, and there are some months that are more comfortable than others. It’s also worth noting that there are some seasons that are less comfortable than others. The clearest month of the year is July, and the cloudiest months start around November 7 and last for 6.8 months.

During the cold winter months, Jetmore often gets as much as 1.9 months of snow. As a result, this town sees a large seasonal variation in its average monthly rainfall. Fortunately, this variation in climate isn’t as extreme as it is elsewhere. Regardless, there are a few key features of the weather in Jetmore that should be noted before you visit.

The wettest month of the year in Jetmore is February, and the driest month is January. There are two days in February with more than 0.04 inches of precipitation. The rest of the months are dry, with only 10.3 days of rain or snow in each. The average annual rainfall is 22.6 inches, which is higher than the average for the state of Kansas.

The most common occupations in Jetmore are education, health care, and library occupations. Additionally, the area has a large number of manufacturing and service-oriented companies. The highest paying industries in Jetmore are manufacturing, health care & social assistance, and transportation & warehousing.

The median household income in Jetmore is $33,618. There are 790 residents. The percentage of foreign-born citizens in Jetmore, KS is lower than the national average of 13.5%. The per capita income in Jetmore, KS is $15,510. This is less than half of the national average.

The median age of residents of Jetmore, KS is 45.5 years old. The median age of foreign-born residents is 32 years old. This percentage has been increasing. In addition, there is a high proportion of military personnel in the city, including those who served in the Gulf War in the 1990s.

Seasonal variation in snowfall in Jetmore

The winter climate in Jetmore can be unpredictable, with a substantial seasonal variation in snowfall. For instance, the city experiences over 1.9 months of snow per year. Even more, there is a significant variation in monthly rainfall. Jetmore has a relatively short, dry summer and a long, snowy winter.

In the winter months, the snowfall in Jetmore usually falls between September and February. The rest of the year is relatively warm and comfortable. The average annual temperature in Jetmore is 32 degrees. It has a moderately high humidity (75%) and is muggier at least six days a month. The average day length varies from nine to fourteen hours. There is also a full night of about 12 hours.

The wettest month in Jetmore is June. The driest is January. Approximately 49 days of rain fall in Jetmore every year, making it one of the least rainy cities in Kansas. However, 36% of these days fall during autumn. In winter, only 15% of the days have a chance of precipitation. The average snowfall in Jetmore is approximately 19 inches per year.

The winter weather in Jetmore is mostly cloudy. The summers are hot and windy. Typical temperatures in Jetmore range from 22 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. There are very few days when the temperatures dip below eight degrees. On January 3, temperatures can reach up to forty-one degrees. Jetmore’s temperature variation reflects the varying seasons.

Months with the fewest wet days in Jetmore

The average number of wet days in Jetmore varies throughout the year. The wettest month is June with 10.3 days of precipitation, while the driest month is January with a total of 2.0 days. However, these numbers do not mean that a rainy day is unavoidable.

The month with the least number of wet days in Jetmore is December. This month has the lowest UV Index, with a UV Index of 2. This means that it is not a health risk during the day. There are a number of factors that affect the amount of humidity. In Jetmore, these conditions can vary from month to month, so it is important to be aware of these factors before heading outdoors.

The topography of Jetmore has modest variations in elevation. The elevation range in this area is only 207 feet. In addition, the area is covered by cropland and grassland, with about 74% of the area being covered by these types of land. Within 50 miles of the town, 74% of the land is covered by crops and 26% is grassland.

Although the average temperature in Jetmore, Kansas is fifty-four degrees, this town experiences rain on about 49 days a year. It is one of the least rainy places in Kansas. During the fall, there is a 36% chance of rainy days. During the spring, only 15% of the days have a chance of precipitation. Despite the rainy weather in the summer, this town receives significant amounts of snow.