In Hugoton, you will be able to see the Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot, the first jailhouse in Hugoton, and the historic 1905 church. There are also plenty of great museums and historical sites, including the Stevens County Gas and Historical Museum. There is also a pheasant hunting contest, and several golf courses.

Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot

Santa Fe Depot is the northern terminus of the New Mexico Rail Runner Express commuter rail line. This former train depot was built by Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe and served as Santa Fe Union Station until 2014. Today, it houses the commuter rail line’s northern terminus.

The Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot is part of a half-block complex that contains past Hugoton lawyers’ offices, the town’s first jail house, and a 1905 church. In the summer, the depot features an outdoor pool. It’s open from May until August.

The Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot is a wonderful example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Designed by Warren Corman and Warren Jones, it was dedicated in February 1956. The Lawrence Journal-World published a story on the dedication and the station’s importance to local development. In the article, the reporter wrote that the station was “a plush, ultra-modern” building built at a cost of $140000. This historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the State of Kansas Register of Historic Places.

A grand network of track once covered the area around the Santa Fe Depot. Both the narrow gauge New Mexico Central Railway and the D&RG Chili Line provided service to this depot, though both of these lines had long since been dismantled. Today, the Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot is used as a commuter rail terminal.

The Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot is located at 905 S. Adams Street, Hugoton. This historic site is also home to the Stevens County Gas & Historical Museum. This site houses early twentieth-century furnishings, farm tools, and Indian artifacts. The museum also hosts a gas-themed car show in August. During the early twentieth century, a natural gas field was drilled three thousand feet below the town’s surface. It provided royalty revenues to local landowners.

Stevens County Gas & Historical Museum

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your afternoon in Hugoton, Kansas, you may want to check out the Stevens County Gas & Historical Museum. The museum, which covers 14 counties in western Kansas, features exhibits that tell the story of the region’s natural gas industry. You’ll see everything from early 1900s furnishings and artifacts to farming tools and early grocery stores. This museum also holds educational programs and events.

Stevens County’s history can be found in A History of Stevens County. It’s an old book with many names and places that are long gone and papered over, but for some residents, the history of the area is still a source of great interest and excitement. For example, Gillespie has poured over records about Bonnie and Clyde’s time in Hugoton. Her grandmother is still alive and remembers the day she bid Bonnie and Clyde farewell.

This museum complex includes the Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot, former offices of Hugoton attorneys, and the Professional Building, the first jailhouse in Hugoton. It also features the 1905 church. The museum is open daily and is well worth a visit.

The museum is a great place for children to learn about the history of the area. It also houses a unique exhibit on the history of the area’s natural gas. During the Depression, there were a lot of people looking for natural gas. This discovery helped Hugoton become one of the top five natural gas sources in the U.S.

The museum has plenty to offer visitors, including a print shop, farm tools, and Native American artifacts. It also features a train depot and an 1887 home and gas well. And if you have time, take the time to visit the museum’s museum, which is located at 905 S. Adams Street.

Old tunnels connect many of the buildings in Hugoton. Many have collapsed through the years. One semi-collapsed tunnel was found beneath the Bundy Hotel. In 1912, Dr. William Bundy had his medical practice in Hugoton and opened part of the building as a hotel so that patients could stay in the area. In addition to his medical practice, he also developed a salve for skin lesions and skin cancer. Though painful, the salve was effective in some cases.

Forewinds Golf Course

The Forewinds Golf Course is located near Hugoton and offers great views as well as challenging play for golfers of all skill levels. The course features well-groomed fairways and greens and the staff is more than willing to offer tips to help you play the best round possible. If you’re looking for an excellent golfing experience, the Forewinds Golf Course should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Hugoton.

Stevens County Rooster Roundup Pheasant Hunting Contest

The Stevens County Rooster Roundup is one of the largest pheaant hunting contests in the nation. The event releases 400 birds across seven counties. Hosted by the Wild West Country tourism coalition, the event is made possible by grants from the Mariah Fund and local sponsors. It is held during the late fall season.

This event is open to the public. Anyone can enter, regardless of experience, and there is no entry fee. The event attracts hunters from all over the Midwest. The winner will receive a $500 community gift certificate. This is the perfect opportunity for aspiring hunters to showcase their skills and experience.

To win, hunters must shoot a minimum of two pheaants. They must have a legal license, and they must bring a hunting license. This license is valid for resident hunters age sixteen to 74. For nonresidents, a nonresident hunting license is required.

The contest also has a grand prize drawing. The grand prize winner of the event will receive $500. The winner will be contacted by phone and can either pick up the prize in person or have it shipped to them. The winners are also eligible to receive a $500 Chamber of Commerce check.