Fort Payne, Alabama, is a small city located in DeKalb County and is the county seat. It is in northeastern Alabama. The population was 14,877 at the 2020 census. Fort Payne has several popular attractions that attract visitors from around the world. Some of these attractions include the Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel, Big Mill Antique Mall, and Alabama Walking Trail Park.

Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel

Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel is located on Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama. This beautiful chapel is home to church services and events. It was built by Colonel Milford Howard as a memorial to his wife, Sallie Howard. The chapel features natural rock formations and a rustic atmosphere.

Another place to visit in Fort Payne is the Alabama Fan Club and Museum. Founded by three cousins from Fort Payne, Alabama Band changed the face of country music. You can learn about their rise to fame and how they made their name. In addition, you can enjoy interviews and see their number one singles.

Another popular place to visit in Fort Payne is the Little River Canyon Center. This facility is part of Jacksonville State University and is a great venue for retreats, joint meetings, and social events. The center also has a gift shop and hiking trails.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful chapel for weddings or are simply interested in history, Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel is a must-see in Fort Payne. The chapel is located near County Road 165 and 89.

For recreation, Fort Payne has some great sports facilities and activities. Visitors can try their hand at baseball, basketball, volleyball, and other sports. The city also has a beautiful natural setting with state parks and lakes. The Fort Payne area is also home to a 14,000 acre Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Fort Payne is also home to the famous country rock band Alabama. The town’s historical sites include the band’s museum and fan club, as well as numerous state parks and lakes. It’s also home to 1889 Cafe, which serves local cuisines. It opened in 2013 and has a welcoming environment. It features exposed brick walls and a patio next to an old water tower.

Big Mill Antique Mall

If you are looking for a place to shop for antiques in Fort Payne, Alabama, you should visit the Big Mill Antique Mall. Located in the former Davis Hosiery Mill, this antique mall has dozens of vendors selling a variety of Americana arts and crafts. The mall also features a history tour and vintage-style restaurant.

Fort Payne is a great city for families to visit. The city features many outdoor activities, including a zoo, hiking trails, parks, and wildlife. The area is also home to the state’s premier outdoor sports center, the True Adventure Sports Complex.

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Big Mill Antique Mall, an antique mall, and an artist center. Located in the former Davis Hosiery Mill, Big Mill Co. is a must-visit place. Fort Payne is known as the “Sock Capital of the World.” Sock-making has been an industry in Fort Payne since the early 1900s, so it is only natural that a big antique mall would be located in the city. Guests of the Big Mill can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at the Vintage 1889 Restaurant. It features tasty food and a great beer selection.

The Santa Fe Steakhouse is another must-visit location for music lovers. This popular restaurant offers a delicious meal at a reasonable price and comfortable booths. It is also home to the Alabama Fan Club, which has hosted many major music groups from the region.

Besides the Big Mill Antique Mall, the town also has the 411 Drive-In Theatre. It is open every evening from Memorial Day to Labor Day and every weekend of the year. During the warmer months, the theater is open outside and offers food service.

Wills Valley Recreation Center

The Wills Valley Recreation Center is one of the most popular attractions in Fort Payne. The center offers a great range of sports activities including volleyball, basketball, and more. It also features a fully equipped fitness center and indoor walking track. Visitors can also take advantage of a number of other activities at the center.

If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, the Wills Valley Recreation Center is a must-visit Fort Payne attraction. The gyms and facilities here are top-notch and perfect for training athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In addition to Fort Payne, you can also explore the neighboring cities of Decatur, Auburn, and Montgomery. Fort Payne is an exciting and diverse city that offers a wide variety of fun activities.

Another popular Fort Payne attraction is the Fort Payne Depot Museum. Originally built in the 1800s, this museum underwent extensive restoration in 1986 and reopened as the Fort Payne Depot Museum. It features Richardson Romanesque architecture and a large collection of local history, Native American artifacts, and other historical items. In addition, the museum also has a separate section dedicated to the railroad era.

Another popular Fort Payne attraction is the 411 Drive-In Theater. This outdoor cinema is open to the public on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Movies at this theater are often popular, and the 411 Drive-In Theater offers a wide variety of films. From the latest blockbusters to documentaries, this Fort Payne attraction offers something for everyone. Visitors can also enjoy the buttered popcorn and snacks that are offered at the theater.

Fort Payne is home to several churches and chapels. There are several different places to worship, including the Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel on Lookout Mountain. It was built by Colonel Milford Howard in 1937 and is located on the top of Lookout Mountain. The chapel is a popular wedding venue, and religious services are regularly held at this chapel.

Alabama Walking Trail Park

Fort Payne is a beautiful city that is home to many natural attractions. The area has many state parks and recreational areas for its residents to enjoy. Nearby attractions include Lookout Mountain and Guntersville Lake. Visitors to Fort Payne are also encouraged to visit the Fort Payne Depot Museum, which is housed in a 19th century railroad depot. The museum contains artifacts that give historical insights into the area.

The state’s longest mountain river, the Little River, flows through Fort Payne. The city is home to three waterfalls, including Grace High Falls. The Little River Canyon Preserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Fort Payne is also home to the Wills Valley Recreation Center, which offers a number of top-notch sports facilities.

One of the newest parks in Fort Payne is the Alabama Walking Trail Park, which is located behind the Depot Museum. The park includes two playgrounds, landscaped walking trails, and a fitness station for active and healthy living. The park is an excellent place for families to spend time together.

Fort Payne is also home to a nature center that provides educational talks and live animals. Outdoor enthusiasts can take part in hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and other activities in the area. There are also many creative activities in the area, such as visiting the Orbix Hot Glass studio.

The city also boasts an historic landmark, the Fort Payne Depot Museum, which was once a railroad depot. Originally, the building was used as a railroad depot for 85 years, but local preservationists purchased it in 1986 and opened it as a museum. Inside, visitors can enjoy one-of-a-kind exhibits, Native American pottery, and other historic items.

Sally’s Smokin’ Butt BBQ

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