There are many places to visit in Decatur, Georgia. This city is located northeast of Atlanta. The city is home to many museums. The DeKalb History Center has displays on local history, including artifacts from the Civil War. Outside, you can view the statue of Thomas Jefferson. You can also visit the Woodlands Garden, which has trails and native plants. Another museum that you should check out is the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Ancient Art, which has pieces of art from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Asia.

Mason Mill Park

A beautiful 120-acre park located in Decatur, Georgia, Mason Mill Park offers miles of hiking trails through dense woods. It also has multiple climbing structures, a playground, and a community garden. It is also home to the Dekalb Tennis Center, where visitors can play tennis and pickleball.

For entertainment, the park is also home to several restaurants and bars. Eddie’s Attic is a popular place for local musicians to play. The place has hosted dozens of popular singers over the years. You can also check out the Decatur Arts Alliance, which supports local artists, theater groups, and dance groups.

The park also has a fenced off-leash dog park for dog owners. The park also offers a nature preserve for those who love birds. There are also walking trails and a treetop pavilion to observe wildlife. The PATH trail connects Mason Mill Park with the city’s Medlock Park, allowing for easy access and safe navigation.

Another historical attraction is the DeKalb County History Center, which is located in the historic DeKalb County Courthouse. The exhibits are well-chosen and thought-provoking. The exhibition “Deep Roots in DeKalb: The Story of Resilience” is a particular highlight, as it focuses on the oldest African-American community in Georgia. If you’re visiting Decatur, be sure to check out the DeKalb County History Center, but be aware that it is closed on Sundays.

Another historic site in Decatur is Mason Mill Park, which has over 120 acres of woodland and hiking trails. This park is located in North Decatur, which means it’s ideal for biking and hiking. If you’re looking for something a little less touristy, this historic site is perfect for you.

The city’s numerous parks offer plenty of activities and relaxation, making it an ideal place to spend the day with the family. The temperature in metro Atlanta is beginning to rise, and getting out of the house is a great way to enjoy the surroundings. In addition to local parks, Decatur has theater groups and museums, and there’s a lot of culture to explore.

Three Taverns Brewery

Located in Decatur, Georgia, Three Taverns Brewery is a microbrewery that is open to the public. The microbrewery offers tours and has an on-site tasting room. The interior is adorned with brick walls and aged timber. The microbrewery has a welcoming atmosphere and offers a wide variety of beers to sample.

This Georgia brewery focuses on IPAs and barrel aged stouts, and is distributed exclusively in Georgia. It was founded in 2013 and grew in sales by approximately 50 percent last year. Guests can enjoy a full bar, all-inclusive beer packages, or a cash bar. In addition to these options, Three Taverns also offers outside catering services.

A tour of the brewery will provide an inside look at how beer is made. It also provides a glimpse at the people behind the beer. The tour is about half an hour and includes a chance to taste several beers. Visitors can also expect to meet the owners, who often talk about their own personal recipes. The brewery has a large tasting room in Decatur.

Three Taverns Brewery is located in Decatur, Georgia, and provides catering to the greater Atlanta area. They have several different spaces for weddings and other events. The atmosphere is casual, warm, and familiar, which makes for an excellent atmosphere for beer-related discussions. The tap list is extensive, so you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of delicious craft brews.

The love affair between Brian and brewing began when he moved to Decatur in 2005. Brewing fulfilled something deep within his soul and soon became his obsession. A trip to Belgium solidified his conviction that brewing would be his career. After several years of planning, Brian opened the Decatur location of Three Taverns Craft Brewery on July 19, 2013.

The Iberian Pig

The Iberian Pig is one of the best places to visit in Decatur, Georgia. The Eatery serves up all things pig as well as cocktails and wine. Its contemporary design and modern interior make for a comfortable dining experience. Here, you’ll find great food in a modern setting.

The Iberian Pig serves Spanish-style cuisine, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean. The Iberian Pig, a tapas restaurant themed after Spanish markets, specializes in cured meats, artisan cheeses, and expertly selected wines. Its braised pork cheek tacos are a particular favorite.

The Iberian Pig is a Spanish-themed restaurant located in Decatur Square. It serves Spanish-inspired food and tapas, including lamb wraps and grilled bacon. For dessert, there is chocolate ice cream, cakes, and flans. The Iberian Pig accepts reservations over the phone. It’s a good option for groups.

The Iberian Pig is one of the best places to visit in Decatur, Georgia. It’s a Spanish-style tapas and charcuterie restaurant. The main course at the Iberian Pig is grilled pork tenderloin, but there’s a selection of Spanish wines and cheeses to try as well. The Iberian Pig also serves up a large selection of wines and other drinks, and you can even order a cheese tasting before your dinner.

Decatur is home to many great restaurants that serve traditional Spanish dishes. The Square is the historic heart of Decatur’s downtown, and is a 15-block walkable district full of dozens of unique retailers. It also features 45-plus restaurants, including The Iberian Pig, Brush Sushi Izakya, and The Iberian Pig.

Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, Leon’s Full Service is one of the best options in Decatur. It serves sustainably-sourced seafood, delicious house-made pasta, and fresh pasta. It also serves great pizza.