Campbellsburg is a town in Washington County, Indiana. It has a population of 585 as of the 2010 census. The town is located in Brown Township. Visitors can find a variety of historic sites in the town. It is home to Haley’s Private Dog Park. Visitors can also enjoy the many restaurants and shopping opportunities in the area.

Haley’s Private Dog Park In Charlestown

Dog lovers will love Haley’s Private Dog Park in Charlestown, Ohio. Owners can register their dogs and receive a key fob to enter the park. It’s important to register more than one dog if they want to enjoy the dog park together. Dog owners must keep their dogs under control, and the park’s rules and regulations are in place to prevent dangerous behavior.

Haley’s Private Dog Park In Campbellsburg

Haley’s Private Dog Park in Campbellsburg is a dog-friendly private dog park. You can join the club for $80 per month and enjoy all the benefits. Membership includes spay/neuter, heartworm and flea prevention, pristine turf, park monitors and lint rollers, as well as free events for owners and their pets. Other amenities include free poo bags and comfy lounge areas where you can sit and socialize.

When booking a dog park, always be sure to arrive on time and read the rules carefully. Be aware of the size of the play area and make sure to check that the fence is securely enclosing it. Then bring your leashed dog and be sure to close the gate behind you.