Boxford, Massachusetts is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts. The population is expected to reach 8,203 in 2020. The area is home to a variety of attractions. You can check out the town’s state forest, Wildcat Trail, and Witch Hollow Farm Trails. If you love eating pizza, you can also check out the Boxford House of Pizza.

Boxford State Forest

If you’re looking for a place to get out of town and enjoy the great outdoors, Boxford State Forest is among the best places in Boxford to visit. The nature preserve features more than a thousand acres of trails through hills, forests, and swamps. You can hike through the preserve to find yourself immersed in nature, or simply explore it by bike.

The town of Boxford is about 24 square miles, and the area is filled with small streams and creeks that empty into the Ipswich River. The area is also home to several picturesque ponds. The town’s highest point is Bald Hill, which rises to 243 feet. The area is home to the Boxford State Forest, which is located just off Interstate 95.

The boxford State Forest is also a great place to bike or hike. It has an extensive trail system, which winds through wetlands and eskers. It is also home to several smaller parks and trails, including the Witch Hollow Farm Trail. The Boxford Trails Association manages these open lands.

Another great place to visit is the town’s golf course. With six ponds, the Boxford golf course is challenging and beautiful. And if you’re not into golf, you can always take a walk around the town’s parks. You can also go fishing at Baldpate and Stiles Ponds. Boxford is a picturesque town that is perfect for scenic getaways.

Wildcat Trail

The Wildcat Trail is a popular green singletrack trail near Boxford, Massachusetts. It is 981 feet long and can be walked or biked. Typically, you can complete the trail in under an hour. The area is also home to the Danvers Y Stiles Pond Day Camp, which holds a yearly trail race. Runners can expect to receive a $ prize for first place, along with age-group awards and tasty fall flavors at the finish line.

The town is less than 25 miles from Boston, and it is divided into two distinct neighborhoods, East Boxford Village and West Boxford Village. The landscape is heavily forested and home to scenic hiking trails and lakes and streams. In fact, Boxford has been recognized as a Tree City USA for the last twelve years. It is close to major highways such as Rte 95 and Route 133, which makes it an ideal location for commuters.

The Town of Boxford has a Heritage Landscape Identification plan. The plan replaces the original 1961 Master Plan by Charles W. Eliot and identifies a number of issues affecting the town’s heritage landscape. The plan is also explicit in addressing the creation of additional historic districts, conserving farmland, and preserving scenic views.

Another great place to visit in Boxford is the Kelsey Arboretum. This beautiful landscape was planted in 1929 as a display garden for the Kelsey-Highlands nursery. Now owned by the Kelsey Condominium Association, the CR is undergoing a transformation to make the site a more educational and enjoyable place. In addition, the society is considering building a visitors center and developing a master plan for the site.

Witch Hollow Farm Trails

If you are interested in history, you’ll want to take a trip to Witch Hollow Farm in Boxford, Massachusetts. This historic property has many connections to the Salem witch trials. It is also home to the Tyler-Wood House, a 1727 home built by Capt. John Tyler, the son of Moses Tyler. This home is also the site where the woman convicted of witchcraft, Rebecca Eames, was tried. This historic case has inspired many movies and books throughout the centuries.

The town of Boxford is less than 25 miles from Boston. It is a heavily forested area, home to a variety of scenic hiking trails and lakes and streams. The town has received the Tree City USA award for twelve consecutive years. It is also conveniently located near highways Rte 95 and 133.

Taking a hike to Witch Hollow Farm is the perfect way to explore the historical site. The site also includes a 1666 farmhouse, which was originally three separate houses. The house has secret passageways that were reportedly used to hide the residents from indian raids. The house is now a nationally recognized “Haunted House.”

Located in Essex County, Boxford has a population of around 8,200. Local government offices are available to meet the needs of residents. The town has several attractions, such as the Boxford State Forest and the Witch Hollow Farm Trails. It is also home to the Boxford House of Pizza and other commercial landmarks.

Boxford House of Pizza

Boxford House of Pizza uses the freshest ingredients to create delicious pizzas. It also offers pasta, calzones, wraps and sandwiches. Its staff is very friendly and helpful. All of the meals are served in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Boxford House of Pizza is an easy-going pizza joint that has patio seating available for diners. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivery. It is easily accessible and offers ample parking for cars and bikes. The food is inexpensive, and the staff is very professional.

Boxford House of Pizza offers some of the best pizzas in town at an affordable price. Most items are priced under $15. Boxford House of Pizza is known for offering some of the cheesiest and tastiest pizzas in town.

You can also order pizza from Domino’s to go in Boxford. You can order online or over the phone. You can even order food through the Domino’s mobile app. Domino’s makes delicious pizza and has several locations in the Boxford area.

Boxford is located in Essex County. This small town has a population of around 8,200. It is home to a local government that provides for the needs of its residents. The town features several recreational spots, including the Boxford State Forest, Wildcat Trail, Witch Hollow Farm Trail, Boxford House of Pizza, and other commercial landmarks.

Accessibility to parks and playgrounds in Boxford

Boxford is a small village in the county of Suffolk, England. It is located on the A1071 between Newton and Chantry. The town is 8km west of Hadleigh and 9.6km east of Sudbury. It is served by the Greater Anglia rail service. Boxford’s centre is accessed by Butcher’s Lane, Broad Street and Horner’s Green.

Having a park or playground that is accessible can benefit everyone in the community. It can help children of all abilities enjoy themselves by improving social skills and physical coordination. It also helps them build empathy and helps them cope with differences when they become adults. Accessible playgrounds can also allow caregivers to enjoy the outdoor activities with their elderly loved ones.

Accessibility to parks and playgrounds in Boxworth depends on many factors, including the size of the space, maintenance costs and awareness of accessibility. Additionally, parks with accessibility features must balance equipment costs with the accessibility requirements. Accessibility considerations are an important aspect of any park or playground, and should be carefully considered when planning a new one.

Accessibility to parks and playgrounds in Boxworth will be a priority for future development in the area. The Vistry Group has a vision of a high-quality community in Boxford. Their plans include public open spaces, recreational routes and new neighbourhood infrastructure.

Dining options in Boxford

If you’re looking for good food and great coffee, there are a number of good options in Boxford. One of these places is Nason’s Stone House Farm, which serves up Old Fashioned Comfort Food, including Chicken Pies, Turkey Pies, Haddock Pies, and Homemade Baked Beans. This place also has a cozy atmosphere and reasonable prices.