Biggs, California is a small town with a quiet, residential atmosphere. Many residents prefer to live a laid-back lifestyle, but there are many recreational opportunities within easy driving distance. The town is home to a popular pizza restaurant, Pizza Roundup, which is located at a busy intersection on Highway 99.


Biggs is a small, rural town north of Gridley. Although the town is predominantly residential, residents love the quiet atmosphere. Recreational opportunities are within an easy drive. The area is home to several popular dining establishments, including Pizza Roundup, a local favorite. The town also offers abundant land water, which makes it an excellent place for growing crops. Walnuts and rice are among the main crops grown in the area.

Biggs is an upcoming tourist destination that boasts unique things to do. Though it is smaller than other cities in California, this hidden gem offers many fun attractions. Visitors can also make the town a side trip on their way to Sacramento or Napa. A visit to Biggs will be an unforgettable experience!

When searching for a home, it’s essential to consider the neighborhood’s amenities and demographics. If you’re looking to raise a family, Biggs is a good place to live. The community offers excellent schools, daycares, and local businesses. The community is also friendly and well-maintained.

The Biggs Museum of American Art is a great place for families to take their children for an art history lesson. It has a permanent collection and also has rotating exhibits.

Pizza Roundup

The Biggs Unified School District invited staff from Ponderosa Elementary School to participate in a Pizza RoundUp in Biggs. Principal Ed Gregorio and other staff members discussed the experience and jumped into action to help with the family reunification process. Ponderosa staff members shared the story of the child’s escape and reunification.

The pizza served at Pizza Roundup is popular with locals. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant has ample parking and offers carryout or delivery. The menu includes gluten-free and low-fat options. Overall, Google users have given the restaurant 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Chico State

One of the best places to visit in Bigg’s is the campus, which is home to Chico State University. In addition to the academic building, the campus is home to several galleries and retail stores, including Chico Paper Company. You’ll also find local artists’ works displayed at numerous coffee shops throughout the area.

Biggs is a small town, located halfway between Sacramento and Chico. There are 2,500 residents, and many of them are involved in agriculture. Kids still walk to school. The town is only home to one restaurant, and the residents are working to maintain its small town atmosphere.

Although Biggs doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional college town, it is an ideal location for outdoor recreation. Bikers can enjoy 10 miles of bike trails and the Sacramento Northern Railway trail, which stretches through the town’s northern area.

Biggs has a small population, but it is growing and has many benefits. For one, housing is cheap. The city has one of the lowest property tax rates in the state. The community also enjoys a mild climate, with mild winters and warm summers.

Bidwell Bowl was built as a Works Progress Administration project in 1938. It is located near the Physical Science building and was used for many different gatherings throughout the early years of the campus. Its popularity declined in the 60’s after the construction of new campus buildings, but it is now one of the campus’s quieter spots.

Gridley is a great place to visit

If you are a nature lover, Gridley is a great place to visit. It is home to the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, a 9,100-acre preserve that is managed by California Fish and Wildlife. The area provides habitat and food for over 300 species of birds. Many bird watchers stay in one of the many Gridley hotels.

The town is located at the foot of the Sutter Buttes. Nearby is the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, which contains 8,000 acres of Pacific Flyway wetlands. The town is also home to the launch ramps of Lake Oroville and the Feather River. This small town has a Main Street, USA feel.

If you’re planning a visit to Gridley, you’ll find many interesting points of interest. The town was home to one of the first branches of Wells Fargo in the 1800s. It was also on the original Central Pacific Railroad route, which eventually formed the First Transcontinental Railroad in North America. There are also many old Victorian and American Craftsman-style homes on B and Hazel Streets. During the Fourth of July, you can attend the annual fireworks display in Gridley.

A charming rural community, Gridley is also home to a large community of farmers. It is the site of a county fair, which is held annually in the town’s historic bank building. Visitors can take a stroll through the town’s main streets and see some of the food grown there. If you’re a nature lover, you can also stop by the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, which is one of the most important birding sites along the Pacific Flyway.

Gridley is a beautiful place to visit

At the foot of the majestic Sutter Buttes, Gridley has a unique, Main Street, USA feel. Nearby is the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, which is home to 8,000 acres of Pacific Flyway wetlands. The town is also just 10 miles from Lake Oroville and the Feather River. While you’re in town, you can visit the town’s art galleries, boutiques, and book stores. You can even go on a lavender walk.

The city’s rich history dates back to the 1800s when the area was a center for the Central Pacific Railroad. This was the first transcontinental railroad in North America. It was also home to the Libby peach cannery. The town has beautiful Victorian and American Craftsman-style homes that have survived through the ages. Biggs is also known for hosting the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

The town has a population of 7,000, and is a farm market town between Chico and Yuba City. The town is home to Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, a prime spot for birdwatching along the Pacific Flyway. The town also hosts the Butte County Fair every August.

Biggs is a charming town with a thriving restaurant scene. Its cuisine options range from Chinese and Italian to American and BBQ. There are also several bars and grills in town. You can also visit several thrift stores in Biggs.

Pizza Roundup is a good place to eat

Pizza Roundup is an excellent choice for your next Biggs meal. The restaurant is easy to find and often has a large open seating area. It has a wide selection of pizzas and toppings, and the homemade ranch is tasty. In addition to its excellent pizzas, the restaurant also has fun games and drink options for the kids. Regardless of whether you choose the classic or the creative, Pizza Roundup is a good place to dine in Biggs.

The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is affordable. They have gluten-free and low-fat pizza options. They also welcome children and offer delivery and carryout. Parking is limited at this Biggs location. Pizza Roundup offers great service and a great atmosphere. It also accepts credit cards.

Domino’s is another good option for eating in Biggs. They offer fresh ingredients and a tried-and-true pizza recipe. You can order online, place an order over the phone, or use their apps to order. They deliver pizza to Biggs and many other nearby areas.