If you’re in the market for a weekend getaway in Southeast Minnesota, you should consider visiting Belle Plaine. This city is located along the upper Mississippi River, about 20 miles west of the state’s border with Wisconsin. While the climate is generally warm throughout the year, the city can get pretty chilly at times. If you’re planning a trip to Belle Plaine, it’s a good idea to pack a sweater for the chilly months.

Bloomsbury Farm

If you want to visit a beautiful farm that is close to Belle Plaine, you should definitely check out Bloomsbury Farm. This farm is home to over 6,000 apple trees, and it is filled with sunflowers that are gorgeous during the fall season. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from pumpkin picking to visiting the corn palace. The farm’s owners, Dave and Karen Petersen, started their agritourism business in 1994. Their children, Jessica and Samantha, are a big part of the farm’s operation.

Quentin, the legitimate son of the Bloomsbury family, is a wise and liberal manager of the family papers. While he was a great uncle to Quentin, the rift between Quentin and Angelica was not always civil. Quentin’s quarrel with Angelica goes beyond sibling rivalry and disagreements about whose story is best.

Tacy’s House

You can visit Tacy’s House if you are looking for a unique and interesting museum. It’s owned by the Betsy-Tacy Society and is open to the public on Saturdays. While you’re there, you can learn about the famous mathematician and visit the society’s gift shop to purchase books and memorabilia.

Located at 332 and 333 Center Street, the Betsy-Tacy Houses are considered national literary landmarks. Both houses are owned by the Betsy-Tacy Society. Admission is free on Saturdays, and tours can also be arranged with the society. You can also visit Tacy’s House on a private basis by calling ahead of time.

Betsy-Tacy’s House is the home of the fictional character Betsy Ray. Betsy was five years old when she first appeared in the Betsy-Tacy books. She lived in a rambling white house on Hill Street, which was based on Center Street in Mankato, Minnesota.

Betsy’s House

The Betsy-Tacy Houses are National Literary Landmarks and are maintained by the Betsy-Tacy Society. They are the site of Victorian lawn parties, book clubs, and other events. However, they’ve also been the site of loud parties, front-yard fights, and garbage-covered lawns. As a result, the Betsy-Tacy Society has had to deal with several police calls.

In 1951, Margaret Meger married Andrew F. Meger and lived in Belle Plaine for the first ten years. After that, she returned to the workforce and worked as a cook in Ann’s Cafe. She also worked at a milk plant and the Belle Plaine Bakery. She later went on to work as a lab technician for Valley Processor. She later retired as a caretaker at the Hope Residence.