Bedford is an historic county town in Bedfordshire, England. As of the 2011 Census, its built-up area had a population of 106,940, making it the second largest settlement in the county behind Luton. The town is a thriving commercial and cultural center and is the county’s county seat.

Olde Bedford Brewing Company

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Bedford, Pennsylvania, then Olde Bedford Brewing Company is a great place to start. Its home-brewed ales are made with local ingredients. Its brews are known for their quality and taste. You can also enjoy a meal at one of the many local restaurants. Many of these options feature farm-to-table cuisine. Some of the best places to eat in Bedford include the Bad Boyz Bistro and the Jean Bonnet Tavern and Restaurant.

The Olde Bedford Brewing Company opened its doors in March 2018. The owner, Dave Dawson, has been brewing beer for about six years. He started out with a homebrew kit and then fine-tuned the recipe to create his own brews. In 2018, he upgraded to a six-barrel brewing system with four 150-gallon fermenters. The location was perfect for a brewery, as the former Fat Jimmy’s Outfitters building had plenty of space. The Dawsons plan to incorporate the town’s history and local businesses into the brewery as it grows.

Located on Railroad Street, the Olde Bedford Brewing Company is a family-run establishment. They use local hops and spring water to create their beer. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beer or a craft cocktail, Olde Bedford Brewing Company has something for everyone.

The Olde Bedford Brewing Company is not just a brewery, but an entire story. Its history is told through its beer, and it’s a place to learn more about the area. The brewery is located on the Hideaway Ranch, which was purchased by David Heller’s parents in the 1970s. The brewery’s mission is to promote the agricultural heritage of the Bedford area. For that, the brewery emphasizes grains and hops as key ingredients.

Davey Lewis’ Cave

Davey Lewis’ Cave is a renowned underground cavern that’s not to be missed if you’re in Bedford. Its natural formations make it one of the best places to visit in Bedford. It is located in the Juliana Street district of the town. Another hidden gem in Bedford is the Springs Lake, a beautiful natural setting that’s perfect for picnics.

Besides being a great tourist attraction, the cave also features fascinating calcites formations. It’s named after a local lawbreaker who once escaped from jail. The cave is located in lush natural surroundings and offers hiking and sightseeing tours. You’ll find diverse wildlife as you explore this underground wonder.

Another great attraction in Bedford is the Old Bedford Village. This historic town is home to more than forty restored buildings. This historic district offers insight into the early days, when life was tough. The octagonal schoolhouse, the broom shop, the village press, and the Memorial Theaters are some of the historic buildings in the village. The town also hosts the Bedford Civil War Reenactment.

Another unique attraction in Bedford is Davey Lewis’ Cave. The cave is located on the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa’s property. The resort and spa has partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy to preserve the area. It is open to the public, and many people have visited the cave in the past. The cave is full of beautiful calcite formations and stones.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and have a bite to eat while in Bedford, 10/09 Kitchen is the best place for you. The bistro serves delicious meals and uses locally sourced ingredients. It also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Old Log Church

If you’re looking for a historic site, you’ll find it in Bedford. The Old Log Church is a log church built in 1806. People from all over the world come here to worship or pay respect to a departed family member. The church is unique for many reasons. Visitors can see carvings depicting children who sat through a Sunday service, as well as the church’s pulpit. The pulpit is a unique example of the type of pulpit that is rare and without any frills.

The Old Log Church is located along Route 30 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. It was originally called the Union Church and served Lutheran and Reformed congregations. Today, the Old Log Church is the oldest standing church in the county. The building was donated by John Schell, who had settled the area in 1798. He also donated land to build the first church and schools in the small community. The church was originally named Union Church, and was built in 1806. The congregation consisted of both Lutherans and Reformed churches.

For more history and culture, you can head to the Bedford County History Museum, which is housed in a three-story brick building. It houses several collections, including many books, research materials, and exhibits. There are several themed rooms that teach visitors about various aspects of local history. There are also many interpretive panels to guide visitors through the museum. The museum is free and open to the public.

While the Old Log Church is one of the best places in Bedford, there are many other historic places to visit around the area. The Grand View Ship Hotel was a popular attraction along the Lincoln Highway. You can also visit the Lincoln Highway Experience, a museum dedicated to the history of the road that once paved the path for freedom.

10/09 Kitchen

If you want to experience a great culinary scene, you should visit Bedford. You will not be disappointed with the quality of food served here. There is a variety of cuisine to choose from, such as fresh seafood and American fare. The staff members are also courteous and helpful.

The restaurant serves traditional American dishes with a twist. It uses the finest and freshest ingredients. Owners Nick Letzo and Sara Letzo welcome their guests at 10/09 kitchen. The restaurant’s name is a reference to the date of the owners’ wedding anniversary.

The Fort Bedford Museum is another great place to spend some time. They host events for children and adults and have an herb garden for the kids to enjoy. You can also buy a variety of fresh produce from Fisher’s Country Store. The store also has meat that is sliced on-site.

While you’re in the area, check out the Bad Boyz Bistro, an upscale dining experience. The menu includes healthy meals, made from local ingredients. It also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The Bistro is open Monday to Thursday from 11am to 9pm and on weekends from 11am to 8pm.

There are many great places to eat in Bedford. The main dining room at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort features delectable food and a high-end ambiance. The menu is extensive and features meat dishes and seafood, along with vegan and vegetarian dishes. There is also Tillie’s at the Clubhouse, a cozy place with a fun atmosphere. A restaurant named after a famous writer is also located on the property.