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Atqasuk has a population decline of 54.7%

Atqasuk, AK has a population of 135 people. Of these, 100% are citizens and 0% are not citizens. The most common foreign birthplace for residents of Atqasuk, AK is the Philippines. Despite this low foreign birthplace percentage, the majority of Atqasuk, AK residents are US citizens. In fact, this percentage is higher than the national average of 93.4%, which is an increase of 1% from the previous year.

There are 43 people employed in the economy of Atqasuk, AK. The median annual income of the residents is $93,750. This is significantly higher than the median annual income of $64,994 for the United States. Compared to neighboring and parent regions, Atqasuk has an income that is 8.7% higher than the national average.

Atqasuk is represented by Don Young in the U.S. House of Representatives. Members of the House of Representatives are elected to two-year terms. In the presidential election of 2020, Donald J. Trump received the most popular vote in Alaska, followed by Joseph R Biden Jr. (42.8%). Jo Jorgensen received 2.47% of the popular vote, but did not win the election.

The median property value in Atqasuk, AK is $108,300, down from $112,500 in 2020. The median homeownership rate is 77.8%, and the average commute time is 26 minutes. Homeownership is low in Atqasuk, AK, but it remains higher than the national average of 64.4% and neighboring communities.

It experiences polar day and night

In summer, the town of Atqasuk experiences polar day while in winter, the town is dark for most of the day. The difference between polar night and day is due to the topography of the region, and it differs every year. The polar night is longer and lasts 2.5 months, while the polar day is short and lasts just over an hour.

In the northern part of Alaska, the town of Utqiagvik experiences polar night from November through January. This is considered the northernmost town in the US, and is surrounded by wilderness tundra. During the cold months, the average high temperature stays below zero for weeks.

The longest polar night occurs at the North Pole, when the sun is below the horizon for more than 24 hours. The Earth’s tilt of 23.5 degrees causes this phenomenon. This tilt also makes it possible for the sun to be higher in the sky, so polar nights are shorter. It can also be dark enough to cause the temperature to be below zero. However, the polar night is a time of extreme weather conditions for those who live in the Arctic.

Utqiagvik, Alaska, recently entered the polar night phase for the first time. The town, located north of the Arctic Circle, was the first town in the world to experience this event. Because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis, this region of the world experiences polar day and night for up to 60 days a year.

It has a drier season

During the summer months, Atqasuk experiences drier weather, allowing it to remain open for more than a month. A wind rose is a useful tool for estimating the amount of wind during each season. It shows how many hours of wind are expected from the direction indicated.

The wet bias at Barrow is more evident for onshore flows, whereas at Atqasuk, the effect is smaller. Higher clouds at Barrow tend to have lower median LWPs than at Atqasuk. The differences may reflect different surface conditions.

The winters in Atqasuk are cold and dry with very few wet days. The most common precipitation occurs in October with an average of 2.7 inches. The wettest month is March, with a total of 0.9 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

The climate at Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport is dominated by easterly winds. This direction is the most common for the entire year and is the main prevailing direction. In addition, the airport is located near a large body of water that experiences seasonal variations in water temperature.

It has a large body of water

Atqasuk has a large inland body of water that is used by the local residents. Atqasuk has a population of 248 and a labor force of 105 in 2014. The economy of the community is based on subsistence caribou hunting and fishing. Fish caught in the area include grayling, burbot, salmon, ptarmigan, and musk-ox. The local people also produce a variety of arts and crafts. The community is serviced by North Slope Borough, which provides public water and electricity services.

Located on the Meade River, Atqasuk is 60 miles southwest of Utqiagvik. The community has a long history as a fishing and hunting area. There are remains of early settlement in the area, including abandoned sod houses. The area was also a major coal mining site during World War II. The coal was then transported by truck to Utqiagvik. During the 1960s, the community was still known as Meade River. In 1982, the community was incorporated as a second-class city.