Subscription boxes of dog toys can cost up to $360 per year. Although some people may say that a dog box is cheaper than purchasing individual toys, the subscription model doesn’t control spending and dog owners may not get the same toys as their pets. Additionally, the toys don’t always attract the dogs, so the cost of monthly dog boxes can add up quickly.


BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends a variety of dog toys and treats to your dog. You can choose from three monthly subscription plans based on your dog’s preferences, or you can customize your own box by selecting different options. BarkBox offers free shipping on orders over $35 and a discount for military and veteran customers. Subscriptions automatically renew for another six months, but you can always cancel at any time.

Each month, BarkBox will send two toys, two bags of treats, and one chew. It also has a theme, so each month, your dog will get a new toy, treat, or chew. Each box contains something that your dog will love. There are two boxes available: standard and deluxe, and you can choose between the two types of boxes based on the size of your dog.

Prices vary based on the length of your subscription. The standard 12-month plan costs $22/month, and you will need to pay $228 in advance. However, if you are unable to cancel your subscription before the first month, you can pay a one-time fee of $9. If you’d like to receive multiple boxes per month, you can add more boxes for $22 per month.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for dogs that allows you to customize the boxes according to the size of your dog. You can choose a box that has plush toys for small dogs, medium-sized dogs (20-49 pounds), and large-sized dogs (50 pounds and up). You can subscribe for one month for $38, six months for $26, or a year for $23/box.


One of the great things about PupJoy is that you can customize your subscription to meet your dog’s specific needs. You can choose how large your box is, what items you want in it, and even specify any allergies. You can even select all-natural, organic, and grain-free options.

PupJoy partners with independent, artisan companies to curate dog boxes that are full of the best treats, toys, and products for dogs. They also support animal rescue and give a portion of every order to shelter animals. Each box contains two full-sized treats, an all-natural chew, and artisan-quality toys.

Another subscription is BarkBox, which features six health-related products for dogs. Each month the box contains a different wellness theme. There are treats, supplements, natural grooming products, and a premium toy. This monthly dog box subscription can be delivered right to your door for free within the USA.

Another subscription that offers a variety of treats and toys is The Farmer’s Dog. This subscription service offers a wide selection of delicious, fresh dog food, as well as treats tailored to the type of dog you have. The boxes are delivered every month, and you can choose the brand you want.

PupJoy also offers a deluxe box, which contains 5-8 products in one box. These products range from toys, treats, and grooming products to apparel. If you’d like to treat your dog to something special every month, you can opt for the Deluxe box. You can get your first box for just $25, which is a great value for the price.

Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box monthly subscription plan comes with several perks. One perk is the option to cancel anytime, so you can skip months or update your dog’s size without having to pay an extra fee. The monthly subscription plan is also easy to cancel and has no strings attached. After three months, you can cancel anytime you’d like.

This monthly subscription service will send your pup a box of treats and toys each month. The February 2022 box featured four bags of baked treats, one chew toy, three toys and two bandanas. The first three months are free, and shipping is always free within the U.S. Dapper Dog Box also has a 10% introductory discount for new subscribers, so it’s well worth signing up today!

A few other features of the subscription box include festive double-sided bandanas. While they don’t have an overarching theme, each box includes several fun, high-quality dog toys. The boxes also include a limited edition bandana. Each month’s box also supports a shelter dog in need of care.

A subscription box is an ideal way to spoil your dog. Each box contains a variety of treats and high-quality chew toys. A subscription box is also an excellent way to introduce your pup to new foods and healthy supplements.

Chewy Goody Box

If you’re looking for a monthly dog box subscription that will be full of treats, toys, and tips for your furry friend, the Chewy Goody Box is a great option. The box is filled with quality products and ships for free. Plus, you can choose the food items.

Each box includes five premium products for your dog. And because the company partners with animal rescue organizations, each subscription will also help them provide food and vaccines to homeless pets. The subscription option is also available for cats. This is an ideal box for pet owners who enjoy giving back to the community.

Not only is the box filled with treats and toys, it also benefits animal shelters. You can select the size of your dog’s box and customize it to suit your needs. For example, you can choose between a small box for an adult dog or a large box for a smaller pup. You can also select the theme of your box to make sure your pup gets the right toys and treats.

The subscription is affordable and available for dogs and cats. If your dog loves to chew, Chewy is a great choice. These boxes are filled with chewy goodies. A monthly box from this company will contain two wacky toys, two all-natural treats, and a chew. Each box is carefully curated to ensure they are suitable for your dog’s age, weight, and allergies. And the items are of the highest quality. It’s the perfect monthly dog box for those dog owners who like to spoil their pet!


If you’re looking for a monthly subscription that will keep your dog entertained and stimulated, the KONG Box might be the right choice for you. The boxes include fun treats and toys your dog will love. In addition, there are tips and tricks that your dog will love, as well as photographs that are great for Pinterest.

The monthly subscription box contains a variety of dog toys, treats and food, all of which are durable and non-toxic. It also addresses common dog behavior issues, including chewing, digging and barking. You can also find recipes for tasty treats on the Kong website. There’s also a BPA-free chew toy called GrippyPup, which not only keeps your dog entertained but also promotes good oral health.

The KONG Box monthly dog box comes with a variety of hand-picked items that your dog will enjoy. These items are chosen according to your dog’s registration details. You can also choose between different options, such as six-month and 12-month subscription plans. The longer you subscribe, the lower your price will be. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

The KONG Box is a subscription service that delivers new dog treats and toys every month. The treats and toys are selected specifically for your dog’s needs. They help you train your dog, reduce chewing and treat behavioral issues, and help with training and teething. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting the company’s customer support team.

Rescue Box

If you are looking for a monthly dog box subscription that can benefit animal shelters, you should consider Rescue Box. This nonprofit organization gives subscriptions for food and toys to dogs and cats who are in need. Each box contains enough food and toys for an entire month. Not only does your subscription benefit your dog, but it also helps to provide life-saving support for the animals in need. RescueBox partners with nonprofits including Greater Good, The Animal Rescue Site, and A Shot at Life.

RescueBox subscription boxes are not expensive. Their items typically have a retail value of $40. RescueBox customers make a meaningful impact by helping to provide food and vaccines to animals in need. They donate about five pounds of food and two vaccines to animal shelters each month. This helps to make other animals healthier and happier while increasing their chances of finding a forever home.

RescueBox offers free shipping for dogs in the United States. You can customize your subscription with products that are suitable for your dog’s age, breed, and size. Many of the products they include are made in the USA or Canada. Another great feature is that KONG, one of the world’s most iconic dog brands, is also a subscriber. Its toys have brought joy to millions of canines for 50 years.

Rescue Box donates a portion of its profits to nonprofit organizations and shelters. Each box includes a small toy and a chew. You can even choose a monthly theme to customize it to your dog’s preferences. And if your dog does not like one of the toys in the box, you can request a replacement.