Roman Chamomile Essential Oil has been part of the Relaxed, Rocky Mountain Oils, Healing, and Relaxation collections. An all-natural, calming essential oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil can be used to gently diffuse at night. The oil has a light, sweet aroma that is pleasant and complementary to many relaxing activities, including sleep. The oil can also be directly applied to dry skin for quick relief. A slow release oil, it is great to use topically in natural skin care applications, such as for eczema and for very sensitive skin.

The major components of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil include:carvacrol, terpenes, cineole, linalool, absolutescent, citronella, geraniol, resin, tannin, glycine soja and borax. There are a few rare ingredients that have been isolated from the roots, but these are unlikely to be of benefit in therapeutic aromatherapy. These include the woody tones of the cypress family trees, Comvita dioica, along with resveratrol, marjoram, helichrysum and orange blossom.

If you decide to use it for therapeutic purposes, just remember that it may not be effective if you are allergic to carvacrol or the other carotenoids contained in this herb. Do not use it as a cough suppressant or as a treatment for colds. If you have respiratory problems, do not take two drops of roman chamomile essential oil. If you suffer from sinusitis, do not use it because it could worsen your condition.

For body relaxation, the roman chamomile essential oil is also very effective. You can place a few drops around your nose and vaporize it. Breathe the fresh aroma in slowly in order to calm your nerves. Do this several times a day. It works great to soothe frayed nerves as well as to relieve muscle tension.

The cooling effect of roman chamomile essential oil benefits is also helpful for soothing away upset stomach. It is a wonderful natural medicine for stomach pain, nausea, indigestion and heartburn. This herbal tea can be vaporized or taken as a tincture. It has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are extremely helpful when used as an ointment on burns and cuts. It is also a good remedy for insect bites as it soothes the skin.

There are also a number of ways you can use the roman chamomile essential oil safety tips provided above. You can mix it with your favorite dish and inhale the steam it creates. You can add a few drops to some dishwater and bathe yourself in the scent. It can be quite soothing when used in combination with other ingredients.

It has been found to be a potent ingredient in many types of skin ointments, especially for acne and eczema. You can buy creams, lotions and gels that contain the essential oil safety information. The cool scent it creates in the air is extremely pleasant if you want to relax. You will enjoy the calming effect of this roman chamomile essential oil when you apply it to your skin.

If you suffer from insomnia then it may be time to give this essential oil a try. The best way to calm a person down before going to bed is to add a few drops to a warm bath. By relaxing the muscles and easing the senses, you will find that you fall asleep quicker and with much more sleep. When applying this roman chamomile essential oil to your skin for calming, you should only add a few drops to a small amount of water and bathe yourself in the aroma to soothe the senses and relax the body.

This scent is also great for alleviating anxiety and depression. This particular essential oil relaxes and calms the nerves, which in turn makes a person feel more relaxed. The aromas include citrus, floral and herbal. Some people have described the smell as fresh lemon, some others say grapefruit and still others say lavender. When using this roman chamomile essential oil to calm the nerves you should remember to breathe slowly and deeply and to let all thoughts and feelings out, before falling asleep.

When using this particular essential oil for the purpose of calming it is important to understand how each of the individual chemical components work. Aromatherapy teaches us that each of our bodies have its own unique chemicals and that these are responsible for the different functions within the body. In this instance, it is these individual chemical components that make up this unique aroma we call roman chamomile essential oil. They work in combination to create this soothing effect that soothes the minds and bodies. There are numerous positive effects of using this oil for the purpose of improving concentration and memory.

Chamomile has also been found to be very effective at reducing headaches. By reducing the levels of histamines in the system it helps to alleviate migraine pain. This makes it an excellent choice for people suffering from migraines and headaches, as well as for those who are generally stressed out and anxious. For those individuals who need to concentrate, roman chamomile essential oil is a natural, stress reducing, anti-depressant. It helps to improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress and can even help those who are suffering from sleep disorders.