If you want a comfortable and effective collar for your dog, you should try the Bencmate recovery collar. This soft, flexible collar will keep your dog from scratching the area around an injured area. It is also non-obstructive, allowing your pet to eat and drink normally. It is ideal for pets recovering from wounds and surgery. It will not leave a mark on your furniture or pet’s fur, and it can be stored in a compact space when not in use.

Comfy Cone

An inflatable collar is a popular solution for protecting your dog’s face from injury. It provides the same protection as a conventional cone collar, but does not limit your dog’s vision or prevent him from playing. This collar is also more comfortable for your pet than a traditional cone collar, since it doesn’t block his peripheral vision. However, this type of collar may not be appropriate for dogs with large, flexible snouts. They may still scratch their head with their back legs, which could cause damage to their face.

This inflatable dog collar is made of soft foam backed nylon, which makes it more comfortable for your dog. It also has Velcro closures and thin plastic pieces that can be placed inside the collar to adjust its rigidity. It also has reflective binding to keep your dog visible to motorists, and helps prevent tripping over him.

Another soft cone-shaped e-collar is the Remedy + Recovery E-cone. This cone is a good choice for pets with long, stubborn snouts and is easy to clean. It also is more comfortable than a metal cone, and its soft design makes it feel more like a pillow.

The Kong Cloud inflatable dog collar is easy to use. Inflating it is very easy, and it can be secured with a long Velcro strip. Once the collar is in place, your pet will be unable to get out of it. The collar also extends past your pet’s snout, so your pet won’t be able to lick it.

The Comfy Cone inflatable collar is very comfortable to wear on your dog. This product is also perfect for your cat. It can also protect your pet from paw injuries. The cones can be adjusted to fit your dog. Besides, it’s easy to clean and comes in several sizes. The Kong EZ Soft E-collar is also made of soft material, making it more comfortable for your pet. It also has a drawstring for easy size adjustments.

Another alternative to the cone is the Suitical, an inflatable dog collar with built-in pockets for gauze pads. It’s washable and comes in fun patterns. It keeps your dog’s wounds dry and protects sensitive areas.


Having your dog wear a PRIMENS inflatable collar while recovering from surgery is an easy and effective way to help them recover faster. These collars prevent your dog from licking or biting areas that are inflamed during recovery. This preventative measure is also very gentle and will not affect your pet’s comfort.

The PRIMENS collar comes in different sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes. The inflatable part is made from PVC material, which is known for its long life and durability. The collar’s inner inflatable part is also removable and hand washable, which makes it easy for you to clean it. By contrast, a traditional cone of shame is bulky and uncomfortable for your dog. In addition, your pet cannot control his natural instincts to lick wounds and surgical stitches.

Alfie Pet Recovery Collar

Alfie Pet’s soft flannel recovery collar is a top Amazon bestseller and is available in six sizes, from extra small to extra large. Its flexible material makes it easy for you to move your dog around the house, lie down, or even sleep with it on. Moreover, it is machine washable.

This inflatable collar has many benefits, including lightweight, bite-resistant material, and a soft velvet padding around the neck. In addition, it is comfortable to wear, and its velcro closure prevents your dog from slipping out of it. This collar is also breathable, so it will not affect your dog’s normal activities.

Alfie Pet’s fabric e-collar is easier on your dog’s skin than its inflatable counterpart. Unlike plastic e-collars, they won’t scratch walls and won’t make a chalkboard sound when your dog bumps into a wall. It is also easy to store and is machine washable.

While these inflatable collars are great for dogs recovering from an accident, it’s important to know which size will fit your dog properly. While most recovery collars come with size charts, it’s best to choose one that fits your dog properly. You can easily wash and replace the donut cover.

Another feature of the Alfie Pet Recovery Collar is that it is adjustable. This means that it won’t break or dump into anything. This collar also doesn’t scratch your floors. Because the collar is adjustable, you can even use it with different sizes of dogs. However, keep in mind that it’s not recommended for long-term use, and keep it away from sensitive areas of your dog.

Inflatable collars can be a great solution for dogs recovering from surgery. They help improve your dog’s vision and prevent them from scratching their wounds. In addition, these collars act as a neck pillow, which means that they can help heal faster. These collars are breathable and will prevent your dog from getting hot or stinky.

Inflatable collars are also ideal for cats. Cats can’t escape from it, so they can’t chew it. Besides, this collar won’t rip out your stitches. It also won’t catch your cat’s claws.

Bitenot Collar

There are many advantages to using a Bitenot Collar inflatable collar for your dog. Not only is it more comfortable for your dog, but it also prevents your dog from licking his face or rear body. However, this collar does have its drawbacks. For example, it can trap moisture near the dog’s skin and can cause wounds.