Bedroom closet organization ideas are not limited to just hanging clothes on the closet rods. You can also use items like mirrors, Floating shelves, Bins, and Hooks. Adding decorative accessories to your closet will give it a designer look. You may even find the perfect storage solution by creating your own closet design.

Floating shelves

One of the most effective methods of closet organization is the use of floating shelves. These are perfect for shared closets, and they are also aesthetically pleasing. They reduce the clutter that can build up on shelves that are made of ugly wire. Wooden floating shelves are ideal for these types of closets, and reclaimed timber is a good option. The wood can be treated with oil to add a luxurious look and feel.

Another benefit of floating shelves is their ease of installation. A qualified professional can install and remove them in a relatively short time. This ensures that the shelves don’t take up valuable bedroom space and don’t cause any problems with the rest of the bedroom. If you’d like to install a floating shelf in your bedroom, you can call Closet & Storage Concepts, where they’ll install it in a timely fashion.

You can purchase floating shelves in various lengths, from 18 inches to 48 inches. They can also be adjusted to make them level. If you’d prefer, you can use clamps to keep the wood steady while you’re screwing. You can even buy special shelves designed for bathroom use if you’re not comfortable installing them yourself.

Floating shelves are more expensive than other types of shelves, but they can be installed anywhere you need more storage space. They’re great for laundry rooms, kitchens, and even small rooms. They make a room look larger and more spacious.


Depending on your needs, bins can be both out of sight and visible. They come in varying sizes and are great for storing miscellaneous items. If you have a lot of folded-up clothing, the large storage bins can be particularly useful. These bins are also nestable and stackable.

Besides serving as closet organizers, bins can also be used to store smaller articles of clothing. They make it easier to pick up an entire bin instead of rummaging through a drawer to find a single item. For example, bins can hold belts, gloves, tights, and hats. They are also useful for storing off-season clothing. Using bins also encourages you to return items to their designated spot.


You can organize your closet by using hooks to hang clothes. They are convenient but can also pile up over time. To get the most out of the hooks, make sure to install them properly to avoid them from coming off the wall. Hooks are rated for the weight they can hold. There are two basic types: light duty and heavy duty. Light duty hooks are designed for less than 15 pounds. Medium-duty hooks can hold 15 to 20 pounds. Heavy duty hooks are designed for 21 to 40 pounds. Extra heavy-duty hooks can hold more than 40 pounds.

A hook rack can be used on the walls or behind the doors of the closet. They are easier to use than hangers because they can be moved easily. They can also be mounted on the inside of the door. You can use them to display different items. A vintage rack can even serve as a character in your closet.

Hooks are an affordable and practical way to organize your closet. They are great for organizing small spaces, and you can find hooks in a wide variety of finishes. They are also an excellent solution for odd corners. You can get coat hooks, double hooks, and decorative hooks.

Creating zones in your closet

Before you start designing your closet, think about what you need from it. For example, if you often get dressed in your bedroom, you should consider adding a hook for your pajamas and robes. This will prevent them from strewn all over the floor. Another essential is a full-length mirror. This can help you check out your outfit before heading out the door. Once you’ve thought about your routine, you’ll be able to prioritize space accordingly.

You can also divide your closet into different zones and designate specific storage spaces for different items. You can then use closet rod organizers or drawer dividers to separate the different areas. Aron also recommends tucking a slim stepladder along one wall, so you can easily reach the high corner of your closet with your footwear.

Once you have your zones set up, you can begin the actual organizing process. This isn’t an overnight project. You need to identify the items in each zone, and then create the storage areas that best fit the activity. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to easily find the items you need for each zone.

For example, you can designate one warm zone for your clothes, and one for your shoes. Creating a warm zone in a bedroom closet will keep your clothes from getting crowded. It will also prevent you from forgetting where you put things. If you have no clear “place” for certain items, they will pile up and you won’t feel very organized.

Using space-saving hangers

You can maximize the use of your closet space by using specific hangers. For example, there are hangers for pants that slide on the closet rod and hang flat against each other. You can also use a coat rack, which you can place in a corner of your bedroom.

You can also use hangers that are made from stainless steel, which are more sturdy. They can double or triple the amount of storage space you have in your closet. For smaller items, try a hanger that has a low profile, like those for baseball hats.

Another way to maximize the space of your closet is to use shelf dividers. These are helpful in preventing piles in your closet and can also help keep things neat and organized. If you have delicate clothing, consider using wooden or velvet hangers. These types of hangers are made of non-slip material, making them perfect for putting your delicate clothing. You can also buy hanging closet organizers so you can create new nooks and drawers for your clothes. You can even use shelves to keep t-shirts or other favorite clothing.

A clothes rack will not only save space in your closet, but it will also give it a stylish aesthetic. Hanging your clothes on the rack will show your style and allow you to hang more items. In addition to being functional, this kind of closet organization will also help you identify your favorite clothes and accessories. Moreover, they can also help you label your items. For example, if you have a baby, you can label the clothes clearly to ensure that you don’t misplace any of them.