Bathtub organizer ideas come in many forms. A leaning ladder, for example, can hold three graduated tiered shelves that can hold fancy-wrapped soaps and cosmetics. Other storage options include an over-the-sink shelf and a memo board. These are all great options that save space and add storage to your tub.

Mason jars

Mason jars are an inexpensive and versatile bathroom storage solution. They can be used for storage, display, or even as decorations. These jars can add a country apothecary feel to your bathroom. They are also easy to customize and add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

Mason jars are traditionally used for storing food, but their versatility makes them perfect for bathroom organization. For example, you can use a Mason jar to hold a tissue dispenser. This is a much more convenient solution than a cardboard box or plastic dispenser. They can also hold other items you need in the bathroom.

You can also paint or distress the jars to give them a distressed look. There are several DIY projects that you can try, or you can purchase a set at an online store. You can also choose from 52 different colors for the jars. You will have to add a top coat if you plan to use them for storage, but you can opt to leave the jars plain if you want to use them for decor instead.

Alternatively, you can mount the jars to a wall with a mounting kit. You can also purchase a wood frame that fits standard-mouth mason jars.

Over-the-sink shelf

Over-the-sink shelves can provide extra storage space beneath your sink. One option is a sliding caddy, which slides out to make items easily accessible. However, it is essential to measure the space first to make sure that it will fit. In addition, check for pipes under the sink. Some of these shelves come with a wire bottom, which may allow small objects to fall through. Fortunately, there are other options that don’t have wire bottoms.

A floating shelf can be a cost-effective option for over-the-sink storage. You can find floating shelves at many home improvement stores or online. You can use them to display decorative items, frame a work area, or simply place things near the sink. These shelves can be made of wood or even metal, and are incredibly useful.

Simple Houseware has created a flexible under-sink shelf that starts out at 15 inches wide and can expand to 25 inches. They also feature adjustable shelves, so you can move them around as needed. The shelves are also removable, which makes them great for storing items that may need to be kept out of the way.

A good under-sink shelf will group like items together and be accessible at the same time. Ideally, it will have a caddy to carry supplies.

Corner floating shelves

Floating corner shelves are a fun way to add a decorative touch to a bathroom, and they can also be functional. These shelves can be made out of wood or metal, and can hold all sorts of things. Some people use them to store books or even flowers. You can even use them as makeshift bars for entertaining guests!

Wooden shelves are a classic choice, but there are also other options. Glass shelves are especially versatile, as they give the illusion of floating. They can also be hung higher than standard shelves, so they don’t block the view. Another option is to use two different colors. White floating shelves are perfect for a minimalist bathroom, while black shelves are more edgy and stand out in a minimally-black space.

If you have a lot of books, consider installing a corner shelf. You can also use the shelf to hold other items that are not meant for display. You can create a mini library on the shelves, and decorate it with posters of favorite books or quotes. You’ll have an attractive way to display your collection and make it your own.

Bamboo shelves are another option to consider. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and grows quickly, making it a more sustainable choice than forest trees. Bamboo is also durable and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal material for bathroom storage.

Over-the-door memo board

Using an over-the-door memo board for bathtub organizers can be a great way to add some organization to your bathroom. These organizers can be used to keep small items organized, or they can be used to display pictures and important notes. You can find memo boards in many different styles and sizes, including those designed for small offices.

You can also use magnets to organize items in your bathroom cabinets. These organizers can hold cleaning supplies and grooming tools. You can also use small magnets to store toiletries in a cabinet beneath the sink. If you have a small space in your bathroom, you can also store extra bath supplies in a sturdy wicker basket. This container is inexpensive and can be used for storing other items. You can use simple labels to label the contents.

Decorative trays

Decorative trays for bathtub organizer ideas can be used to hold various items in your bathroom. Using an organizer tray in your bathtub can keep your items organized and out of sight. You can even dress it up with packaging to make it look better. These are just a few ideas that can help you decorate your bathroom and add style.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new bath caddy, you can repurpose an old cabinet. You can easily find a vintage cabinet at a junkyard. If you buy one with a broken door, you’ll be able to keep a variety of items in it. You can also use salvaged wood and whitewash it to create a unique peeling paint effect. Once the wood has dried, you can use it as a bath tray.

Another good idea for a bathtub tray is to place a soap bar in it. It makes handwashing easier. Make sure to find a soap tray with a large enough area to put a bar of soap. The best soap trays have textured bottoms and horizontal bumps so you can easily grip the soap bar. Rustic soap trays feature unevenly cut marble or choppy wood.

Another great bathtub organizer idea is a diy bath caddy. This DIY caddy has a decorative etching on its corners. This allows you to customize it to match your bathroom decor. It also features shallow slots for bottles or candles. The shallow slots are designed to hold items without tipping over. You can even add a wine glass or cocktail glass in the L-shaped groove.

Storage ladders

A storage ladder is a practical way to add extra storage space to a bathroom. Its dimensions are adjustable so that you can fit it to any space in the home. There are a few DIY storage ladder projects that you can try as well. One of them involves using a wire basket on one of the rungs to hold your bathroom essentials. Another project involves transforming an old pot into a towel rack. This project uses sisal twine to create handles and can be a great DIY project.

Another clever bathtub organizer idea is to place a decorative ladder next to the bathtub. This will provide ample vertical storage space and can be used to store towels and bathrobes. It also saves space in the bathroom cabinets. You can also place a small stool next to the ladder to sit on during a relaxing bath. Designer Emily Bowser avoided using the traditional medicine cabinet in her design, instead installing recessed open shelving for extra storage.

If your bathroom doesn’t have built-in shelves, you should consider hanging a tiered organizer. This will prevent bottles from getting tangled and will prevent mildew from forming at the base of the bottle. A modern ladder shelf will also provide more storage space, and baskets are an added bonus.