Bathroom vanity organization ideas can be used to maximize space and minimize clutter. For example, adding a shelf near the vanity will keep daily essentials off the counter and accessible. Built-in medicine cabinets usually have a shallower shelf that you can use for daily necessities. You can also put small objects on a decorative tray to make them look purposely placed. This will also make any small products that are often left out appear more organized.

Glass vases

When you’re looking for bathroom vanity organization ideas, glass jars and vases can be a great solution. They add a decorative touch and help to free up counter space. They also have an open neck, which makes it easy to retrieve items. Glass jars and vases are inexpensive and can be found at your local dollar store or thrift store.

If your bathroom lacks natural light, a bud vase can add a touch of nature to the bathroom. Alternatively, use a basket to hold all your cosmetics and brushes. It makes them more accessible and adds a bit of personality to your soap dish. You can also add a gold leaf shaped dish to the bathroom for a chic look.

Another way to utilize bathroom counter space is to add small shelves above your vanity. If you have a double vanity, place coordinating containers on both sides to save space on the double vanity. You can even use stacked shelves to store items you don’t use often. This way, you can save valuable real estate by using your open shelves for storage.

You can also make use of towel bar space for bathroom organization. Instead of wasting valuable countertop space, this space can be used for cosmetics and toiletries. Another clever use for towel bar space is to place glass vases on the towel bar. This will keep your bathroom looking neat and organized.

Plastic pullout drawers

Bathroom vanity organizers can help you store and organize your bathroom supplies. You can place magnetic strips to hold small items. You can also install baskets on the top of the shelves for additional storage. Open shelves will also help you access extra towels and toiletries. You can also use baskets or trays to label and sort bath products. Another way to organize your bathroom drawers is to use dividers. You can even reuse old silverware organizers.

If you have a small vanity, counter space might be limited. The best way to get around counter space constraints is to use the vertical space. Plastic pullout drawers can be stylish and not block your mirror. You can stack them if necessary. You can also place the most used items toward the front of the drawer.

Another solution is to use over-the-door organizers. These storage containers are lightweight and easy to clean. They also help you to store essential bathroom items such as hairdryers. Some organizers also come with hooks at the bottom. Another great option for maximizing vertical space is a stand-alone storage cabinet. You can buy one from a discount store or an online retailer.

Another way to maximize the space in your bathroom is to add storage between the sink and shower. A bathroom shelf can make good use of the space between the shower and counter. It also keeps clutter off the counter and keeps frequently used items at eye level. This is a great option for small bathrooms where space is limited.

Stacking shelves

If you have limited floor space on your bathroom vanity, consider using built-in shelves. They take up no floor space and will multiply your storage space. You can fill them with folded towels or labeled bins. A second way to maximize your storage space is to use drawer organizers. These give each item its own designated space.

Open shelves can be useful for storing toiletries and extra towels. You can also use them to display trays and baskets that categorize bath products. You can also use a magnetic knife strip to hang adhesive containers. Acrylic holders can be used for storing nail polish and makeup. You can also use a decorative tray to store your night-time essentials.

Another great way to maximize unused space is to install wall-mounted shelves. This solution will save you space in the shower and provides an additional level of storage. The shelves can also be stacked to create vertical storage solutions. And they can also be folded flat when not in use, making them ideal for small spaces.

Freestanding stackable organizers are another great option for bathroom storage. These organizers can be mounted on the wall or side of your vanity. They’ll fit nicely into a corner and will free up counter space. These organizers come in a variety of styles and colors, including a stainless steel version.

Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets offer a reflective surface for getting ready and hidden storage for essential toiletries. They can hold vitamins, hair products, and spare toothbrushes. These cabinets can be installed on any flat wall in the bathroom. Choose between surface mount and wall-mounted models. They are available in various colors and styles.

These cabinets also double as a medicine cabinet. Using the upper shelf, you can store your daily toiletries. This will save you from bending down to look for them. The lower level can accommodate items that are tall or slim. You can even attach a trashcan lid to the interior wall.

Mirrored cabinets can give your bathroom an elegant and symmetrical look. Before purchasing a cabinet, take the width and depth of your sink into consideration. If your sink is shallow, you may need to select a cabinet that does not extend too far from the wall. Otherwise, you may find yourself banging your head on the cabinet. So measure carefully and read product specifications carefully to make sure you get the right size cabinet.

Open shelves can provide easy access to additional towels and toiletries. They can also be a great place for trays or baskets that organize bath products. You can also hang adhesive containers or acrylic holders to stow nail polish and makeup. You can also use dividers to organize your vanity drawers.

Adding greenery

Adding greenery to your bathroom vanity organization ideas can help bring the outdoors inside. While it may seem difficult to place plants in a small bathroom, plants can brighten up the space and add a natural touch to your space. Whether you choose a faux plant or an actual one, greenery can help your bathroom look more spacious and add a touch of nature to your room.

In addition to placing potted plants, you can also use greenery on the shelves. You can put in some bamboo or a few small ferns. You can also place a vase with flowers on the vanity. A shelf above the mirror and on the wall near a window can also be an excellent place for greenery. If you’re short on space, you can also use a ladder shelf with greenery on top. Another great option is a living wall.

Adding greenery to your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. A small succulent can add a splash of green while still looking beautiful and well-organized. You can also place hanging plants on the shower curtain rod. It’s important to keep in mind that plants require a low light environment.

Using a jar and hook wall decor is another great way to add character to your bathroom vanity. These containers are a great way to organize make-up and toothbrushes and can save precious counter space. Clear mason jars are also a great way to free up counter space and hold everyday items like hair ties or curling wands.

Adding a hutch

Adding a hutch to your bathroom vanity can help you organize the space and store cosmetics and beauty products. You can find one in many different sizes and styles, so you can choose one that fits your needs. Many hutches have open shelves, which are convenient for reaching items. You can also add trays or baskets to organize bath products. Another great idea is to use a magnetic knife strip to hang adhesive containers. You can also use acrylic holders to store nail polish and makeup. A hutch can also serve as a nightstand for your nighttime essentials.

If you don’t have a hutch, you can add shelves to the side of your vanity, which keeps items off the counter and within easy reach. Some hutches have a depth that’s much deeper than built-in medicine cabinets, so they can accommodate more products. You can also place small items on a decorative tray, which will make them look like they’ve been placed there with purpose.

If you don’t have much space to spare, you can add a floating shelf. These shelves are compact and have modern hardware, making them ideal for small spaces. Floating shelves can also serve as a convenient place for toothbrushes or flower pots. You can also add a small hutch for bulky items.