An indoor farming facility can make for better agricultural methods for producing precious produce. Regulating the environment to be exact can increase nutritional potency. The Arizona based company, BAMBOX, is a perfect example of this technique of indoor farming in action.

Better Agricultural Methods

BAM actually stands for “Better Agricultural Methods” and BOX defines the convenient ready to eat salad boxed used to package the innovative mixtures of greens.  BAMBOX took the indoor farming revolution another step further by delivering the freshly harvested greens each week from BAMBOX farms. They are on a mission to decrease the sitting time of foods and deliver fresh produce to your door faster, meaning more nutritious and more flavorful, than convenience store selections.

Their nutraceutical produce uses 95% less water to grow than traditional farming.  The indoor environment protects the plants from harmful pesticides. Get a BAMpack membership and customize your plan to include your favorite flavors and set your delivery interval.  Order online and have it quickly delivery to your door or choose a location and time for pick up!

Nutraceutical Salad Line Variety

  1. The OG Super Salad
  2. The Crucifi-Vore
  3. The Regulator
  4. The Hot-BAM! Spicy Recovery Mix
  5. Clorophyll-Me-Up
  6. The ImmUNITY Mix
  7. The Chronic

BAMBOX has a vision to develop an urban microfarm in every city that delivers healthy, nutritious produce that tastes as good as it makes you feel – real BAM good!  Afterall, it is all about nutrient dense foods. Controlled environments actively contribute to maximizing nutrition per square foot of an urban farm. Indoor farming gives the best to both worlds.

This modern brand’s mission is based on the three pillars developed by the BAMBOX team: Healing Plants, Healthy People, & Healthy Planet.  Get your produce within 24 hours of being harvested when you order from BAMBOX Produce!