A home storage solution for your backpack can be an outside or inside cubby. Whether you need extra space for dirty shoes or a space for out-of-season sports equipment, nooks or garages are great spots to store your backpack. And if you don’t have an outside space for storage, consider a home storage solution with a high, narrow nook.

Storage space outside the door

A backpack cubby provides storage for a variety of items. Its interior is made of birch plywood, and the doors are finished with a clear UV finish. A locking system is included. These cubbies are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Storage space inside

For ample storage of personal belongings, consider buying a backpack cubby for home. These cubbies are made from durable birch plywood and finished in a natural UV finish. This unit is ideal for home, daycare, and school settings. It is also ideal for organizing personal items for homeschooled kids.

These storage cubbies can be used for storing many items, from dirty shoes to sports gear. You can place them in the garage or near the door to easily access them. In addition, they are great for keeping out of season clothing or snow gear. Some of them have multiple compartments, making them useful for storing multiple items at once.

A dedicated backpack storage space helps reduce clutter and make the space look more organized. It is also kid-friendly, which means you can place it in a space that is not often used by kids. These cubes come with hooks to hold backpacks, as well as a dedicated rack for children’s books. You can find a variety of cube organizers online.

This backpack storage solution is a perfect solution for homes with little wall space. It also helps keep the main entryway uncluttered. You can place it near your child’s bedroom door. The space is large enough to hold a backpack and a folder to store homework and paperwork.