Workout equipment storage

There are many different options for workout equipment storage at home, including free-standing cabinets. These are available in a variety of styles from retro to contemporary and are easy to move from room to room. Another good option is repurposing bookshelves for workout equipment storage. This is a great way to save space and organize your sneakers, foam rollers, and other gym equipment. You can also rearrange the shelves to create a customized design that fits your room and style.

You can also consider buying a cubby-style shelving unit. These have four small compartments that are perfect for storing everything from sneakers to yoga blocks to resistance bands. Another option for workout equipment storage at home is a corner shelving unit. This unit can hold all types of gym gear, including small hand weights.

Workout equipment storage at home can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you choose a tree-style rack or a rack that runs along a wall, you can maximize your workout equipment storage space and stay organized. Having an organized place to keep your weights and other workout equipment will reduce the chance of them being lost or thrown underfoot. A heavy-duty storage bench can also turn an empty wall into a functional workspace. A smart storage bench can also double as a convenient place to place your laptop or iPad for streaming classes.

Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, it’s important to keep your equipment organized. A cubby system or a rack system will make organizing your home gym much easier and more convenient.

Types of storage

There are several types of at home gym storage solutions available for different types of equipment. The type you choose depends on how much space you have and what you’re trying to store. For example, you might need a mass storage system that can accommodate several pieces of equipment, such as free weights and exercise mats. However, this type of system is more expensive and takes up more room.

Plastic bins and woven baskets are also useful for storing different types of exercise equipment. A small basket that you can push under a bed and pull out when needed is another great option. Another type of storage that will maximize space is cube shelving. These units can hold a variety of items, including bottled water, protein powder, weights, and training shoes. The best part is that they are versatile and easy to customize.

Towel racks are another essential piece of equipment for any at home gym. These types of storage are not only useful for storing towels after a workout, but they also provide additional storage for exercise mats, foam rollers, and water bottles. Many of these racks have wheels so that you can move them around easily.

Another option is a wall-mounted hook rack. This type of rack can hold a variety of items, from jump ropes to heavy weights. Another great choice is an Arlmont & Co. storage rack, which is both stylish and affordable.


One of the most important factors of an organized home gym is storage. The right storage can increase efficiency, functionality, and the life span of your gym equipment. In addition, proper storage can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your gym. At home gym storage solutions come in various sizes and shapes. They can be placed on the walls, floors, and on your gym equipment.

Steel or UHMW materials are common in high-quality home gym storage. Steel is stronger and will last longer than other materials. It is also easier to move. Unlike simple bins, steel storage will support heavier loads. Additionally, steel storage will be aesthetically pleasing in most environments. Some systems are stationary, while others can be moved, such as the Rogue Plate Tree 2.0.

A mid-range home gym usually includes a garage conversion and several more exercise machines. It may also have a place for yoga or stretching. Adding rubber matting to the exercise areas may reduce the risk of falling weights. It’s also a good idea to up-spec the technology and features of your home gym.

While the cost of a complete at home gym will depend on your needs, it’s still more affordable than the average gym. A simple A-frame weight storage system can be constructed yourself for less than $50 and requires less than two hours of your time.


A well-designed at-home gym can be a comfortable place to work out. Proper storage is essential for keeping equipment organized. Whether you have free weights or dumbbells, a storage rack can help you keep all the equipment in one place. In addition to providing organization, plate racks make it easier to lift weights. Most plate storage solutions keep the plates perpendicular to the floor, making it easy to find the correct plate for your exercise. There are many different types of plate storage solutions available, including horizontal plate racks and vertical plate trees. Some even have pegs for holding plates during squats.

If you have a large home gym and want to save space, consider using mass storage systems. These systems are designed to fit a variety of different types of gym equipment and can be customized to fit your needs. However, they are more expensive and take up more space than other storage options. Regardless of the type of storage system you choose, make sure to consider its size and shape.

One option is the FRAY storage system. This unit is customizable and comes with two levels of shelving. You can pick a shelf with two or three shelves and choose the total length that best suits your home gym. The FRAY system features three different upright heights, a low profile, and a wide range of accessories. It is also compatible with the Rogue Universal Storage system, which includes a medicine ball/bumper plate shelf, a dumbbell shelf, and a flat/kettlebell shelf.

Adding a TV to a home gym

Adding a TV to your home gym is a great way to make it more like a commercial gym. You can watch workout videos or tune in to your favorite TV show while you work out. A sound system is also a great idea. You can also buy a portable bluetooth speaker and use it in your workout room. This will allow you to easily change your playlists while you’re working out.

You can also add some ambiance to your workout area by adding a TV or speakers. You can also add some accessories to the room, such as a water bottle or a tablet stand. For aesthetic appeal, you can also install cubby-style floating shelves. These can help create the feeling of a locker room while still providing storage for your equipment.

If you plan to use your home gym storage space to watch workout videos, it is important to add an electrical outlet. You might also want to add speakers and cables to the area. It’s also a good idea to add a power strip and an extension cord for your TV. Adding a TV to a home gym storage space can make the space look more stylish.

Suggestions for decorating a home gym

While it may be difficult to find a way to decorate a home gym without a huge budget, there are some things that you can do to improve the look of the area. For instance, you can add a mirror and decorative paint to the walls. Mirrors will not only give the room a more spacious feel, but they will also allow you to check your form. Another great idea is to place a full length mirror near the weights. You can also paint the walls in motivating colors. You can also add decorative hooks to hang your jump ropes or bands.

Lighting is another important element to consider when decorating your home gym. Lighting should be bright, as it will help you focus and improve your workout. Try to use cool-toned light bulbs, as they make people feel more alert, while warmer-toned light bulbs make you feel drowsy and tired. Also, avoid fluorescent lights, which can quickly tire your eyes. Try softer LED light bulbs instead, since they are much better for your workouts.

Organizing your weights can streamline your workout routine and improve the appearance of your home gym. There are many different plate organizers available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Traditional options include vertical plate trees, horizontal plate racks, and on-rack plate storage. Vertical plate trees and horizontal racks are more traditional but have a minimal footprint. They are also a great option if you want to organize your weights by type.