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If you’re looking for a skincare regimen that will moisturize your complexion, shrink your pores and make your look younger, Aura Vie products may be just what you need. The company creates a number of products that are derived from natural ingredients and are formulated to give the face and body a youthful glow. Here are some of the items that can improve your skin care routine and give you results you’ll be completely satisfied with. 

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Facial Masque

Part of the facial care that comes from the Aura Vie line is the facial masque. The product is rich in nutrients and moisturizes the skin while getting rid of blemishes and reducing fine lines. The AuraVie facial masque also contains ingredients like aloe and vitamin A, which are instrumental for soothing the skin after sun exposure or causing rapid cell turnover to unclog pores. To use the mask, wash your face thoroughly, then place a thin layer of the masque on and allow it to set for 15-30 minutes. Remove with a warm washcloth and follow with the Purifying Cleanser Toner Gel from the AuraVie RENEW line.

Fresh Sunflower Organic Lotion

AuraVie makes a number of beauty products that are completely organic as well, such as the fresh sunflower lotion that is suitable for hands and body. The lotion balances the skin’s moisture production and has a refreshing, light floral scent. This all-natural lotion contains beneficial plant-based ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, jojoba oil and organic sunflower oil.

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Men’s Premier Dead Sea Facial Peel

There are also a number of quality skin care products for men at AuraVie. The facial peel formulated for a man’s complexion is filled with antioxidants, which helps to remove impurities from the skin effectively. The ingredients in the peel can also protect male skin from conditions like rosacea and acne. The peel should be use once or twice a week, after cleansing the face. The product takes about 15 minutes to dry completely and should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water.

Souffle Body Scrub

A body scrub is essential for removing dead skin cells from the body and giving the arms and legs an attractive glow. The product is also ideal for removing peeling skin from parts of the body that are particularly rough, like the elbows, heels and knees. The scrubs contain Dead Sea salt and vitamin C, and are available in delightful scents like Fresh Mandarin, Green Apple and Raspberry.

Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter

Whipped body butter is a light version of lotion that soothes and hydrates the skin. Lemon, macadamia and chamomile oils are abundant in this skin care product, which keep the skin protected from free radicals and can easily relieve dry spots. Shea butter, which is also a mild natural sunscreen, is also included in the whipped body butter. Milk and honey whipped body butter is suitable for all skin types, and Aura Vie customers have reported noticeably softer skin with just a few applications.

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Anti-Cellulite Aromatic Body Scrub

Cellulite is a problem that many women face, regardless of weight or body type. These crater-like formations on the skin can form due to significant weight gain or loss, or from the skin’s exposure to free radicals. Some medical professionals also assert that eating fatty or overly sugary foods could also be the cause of cellulite for some individuals. Cellulite most often occurs on the legs, thighs and buttocks.

Aura Vie has created an anti-cellulite body scrub that contains Dead Sea salt and minerals to help alleviate water retention and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Massaging the scrub into the skin at a consistent pace also helps to boost the function of the lymphatic system. This fragrant body scrub contains peach and apricot oils, and is enriched with magnesium and beta carotene to condition the skin.


These are just some of the great products that Aura Vie has to offer. If you are interested in these natural or fragrant products, it’s best to browse through the online store to find the items that would be best for your skin care needs. If you have a question about a product or have ordered skin care items and want to track your products, you can reach Aura Vie representatives via email or phone.