The best alternative medicine is all of what nature has to offer. It provides 100% pure and nature made herbs, vitamins, minerals, elements, dietary supplements, herbal creams, rubs, lotions, essential oils, and more. The best alternative medicine is prescribed by some of the best alternative specialists in the world. You can find these special alternative doctors at alternative clinics and hospitals listed in the online directories. Some may be located in or near your area. You and your family will certainly have a wide range of alternative healthcare options available to you at very affordable prices.

Finding the best alternative medicine for you

When you visit an alternative healthcare website you can get informative and helpful information that can be used right in the privacy of your own home, natural health remedies. These alternative health remedies are highly effective and can be used to treat any ailment, illness, or chronic disease on Earth. You can subscribe to alternative health remedies online for natural recipes, tonics, prescriptions, remedies, and more. If you believe you cannot follow the recipe at home, then you are invited to visit an alternative medicine doctor of your choice who can create the special remedy for you.

Today, pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune off patients and they keep them coming back for more prescriptions that do not work. Most of the time, these prescriptions that pharmaceutical companies sell to you only create more problems, harmful side effects, and contain harmful chemical substances that you ingest in your body. People are beginning to see the truth as more of them take on the new approach to an all natural alternative.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurveda originated in India during ancient times. It is continued to be practiced today all over the world because of its highly effective medicine, therapies and natural remedies that focus on healing the whole person, not just the illness. Some Ayurvedic therapies include:

Panchakarma – Cleansing and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy – Consists of using pure essential oils for use in baths or air to stimulate the senses and promote rest, sleep, relaxation.

Lifestyle Changes – A plan that involves changing bad lifestyle habits that include diet, exercise, and rest.

Abhyanga – A full head and body massage offered in a continuous flowing motion.

Svedana – Herbal steam treatments to naturally detoxify your body.

Garshan – A massage is performed using raw silk gloves.

Marma Therapy – Healing therapy that focuses on the main energy points of the body.

Shirodhara – A steady stream of warm essential oil flowing across forehead.

Pizichilli or Royal Treatment – Gallons of warm essential oils used to bathe or massage the whole body.

Vishesh – A sport-type massage performed with firm, kneading actions.

Udvartana – A massage performed using coarse herbal pastes.