If you are looking for a unique gift for someone, you should consider buying a set of 6 wooden clothes hangers. These are perfect for hanging any type of clothing, from suits to sweaters to jackets. The great thing about these hangers is that you can easily clean them with a mild cleaner. They are shipped in a box of 6 pcs. The set is a great choice if you want to give someone a gift that is eco-friendly and stylish.

Wide shoulder

Wide shoulder wooden clothes hangers are the perfect choice for those who don’t want their clothing to fall off the hanger. They are sturdy and can be used for a variety of items, including suits, sweaters, down jackets, and more. These hangers are ideal for use in homes, hotels, and clothing stores.

If you have expensive clothes, wide shoulder hangers are a good option. They feature wide shoulder yokes and are designed to support large, heavy garments without dimpling or creases. Some models also have non-slip pant bars. And, they’re made of fine, splinter-free lotus wood.

Wide shoulder wooden suit hangers from Casafield are a great choice for storing suits and other suit-related clothing. They have contoured wide shoulders that will keep your suits looking their best. This style also features a 360-degree chrome hook that will hold suits, sweaters, and more. The bottom bar is reinforced with vinyl to prevent slipping.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly set of 6 wooden clothes hangers, then you have come to the right place. These wooden hangers are made from sustainably harvested Hevea wood, which means that they will not only be durable but will be also biodegradable. These clothes hangers are perfect for hanging coats, jeans, and other types of clothing.

Most hangers are made from plastic, which is very hard to recycle. Polycarbonate and polystyrene no 6 are especially difficult to recycle. Other hangers may be made from wood or metal, or are a mixture of materials. If you find that you have an old hanger that’s not recyclable, try to donate it to a local thrift store or dry cleaners.


These all-purpose wooden clothes hangers have rounded shoulders and a gentle slope that helps maintain the shape of your clothing. They accommodate everything from heavy coats to delicate straps. They also feature a non-slip vinyl coating on the pant bar. This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is not eligible for Next Day Delivery or rush shipping.

These wood clothes hangers are extremely sturdy. The perfect adult-size size can fit any kind of clothing – ranging from sweaters to suits. You can clean them easily using a mild cleaner. The six pieces come packaged in a box and make a unique gift. The set also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Closet Spice 6 pack of sturdy suit hangers is suitable for hanging even the heaviest suits and jackets. The wide contoured shoulders and the deep engineered contour design prevent snags and slips. This set also comes with ribbed bars for extra support.

A matched hanger set is ideal for organizing your closet. This will help your clothes look uniform. This set comes in six fun colors. The plastic hangers are made of durable and space-saving material, which means that they won’t take up too much space. These hangers have non-slip coatings that help to keep your clothes in place.

Great for coordinating outfits

One of the best ways to coordinate outfits for everyday use is to use the “Rule of Three” when choosing clothing. This principle says that three items in a group make it seem more complete and harmonious. It is used by artists as a way to make the composition of an image look balanced and attractive. Using the “Rule of Three” in your daily outfits can help you pull together a simple and elegant ensemble without too much fuss. The three pieces can be anything from a pair of earrings to a scarf. Fun shoes can also be a great way to complete the look.


A set of wooden clothes hangers can save space and prolong the life of your clothes. There are several types of wooden hangers, and some are made of premium wood. These are more durable and last longer than plastic or metal ones. Some sets include more than six different types of hangers.

These wooden hangers can be used for all kinds of clothes. They are built with a wide shoulder yoke, so they can hold heavy garments without dimpling or creases. They also have non-slip vinyl coatings to prevent slippage. They can also be used for delicate straps.

A set of 6 wooden clothes hangers can cost anywhere from $2. The IKEA Spruttig set is a great budget option. They come in packs of ten, and can be purchased from their website for around $2. The sleek profile of the IKEA Spruttig set makes them a good choice for pants, shirts, and skirts. They are also excellent for kids’ clothes.

When you purchase wooden clothes hangers, make sure to look for the quality. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t of the highest quality. Plastic hangers are inexpensive, and may not be as durable or sturdy as wood hangers. However, they are a good alternative to wire hangers and can last much longer. There are some differences between plastic and wood clothes hangers, but the overall quality of these hangers is the same.