Finding storage solutions for small houses can feel like magic. Thanks to the tiny home movement, there are now more options than ever to maximize storage in your home. While some storage ideas require some handyman skills, others are as simple as rearrangement of your furniture. Whether you are in a rush to sell your house or simply want to downsize, there are many ways to maximize storage space in your home.

Pot and pan holder

A pot and pan holder is a great way to organize your kitchen without using a lot of counter space. You can purchase a pullout pot and pan organizer or DIY one yourself. You can also use magnetic strips to keep your pot lids organized. Both of these solutions can be purchased on Amazon and can be installed inside cabinet doors.

You can also buy a pot and pan holder that is ceiling-mounted. This is an excellent option if you have a small kitchen but do not have enough cabinet space to place one. Just make sure that the rack is high enough to make it accessible with a stepping stool. If you have a tall ceiling, you may want to purchase a pot and pan holder that has a longer chain or an attachment to a beam. Another option is a toe-kick drawer for your pots and pans.

Pot and pan racks can also be wall-mounted. These units are ideal for small kitchens because they save counter space and maximize your kitchen space. These racks also keep your pots and pans accessible while minimizing the impact on the non-stick surfaces. Choosing the right one for your kitchen depends on your needs and the size of your kitchen.

A pot and pan holder can help you organize your kitchen and make your cooking experience easier. These products come in various styles and sizes. Some are bulky and need to be installed by a professional, while others can fit into a shelf or cabinet without any screws. The best pot and pan organizers were chosen based on reviews by real consumers. They also consider the functions of each item.

Under-shelf storage

If you live in a tiny house, you can declutter it with clever under-shelf storage solutions. You can install pullout racks in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets or stackable storage shelves. You can also install cargo nets inside cabinet doors. These solutions will allow you to store a variety of items without cluttering up your entire home.

You can also use support beams as shelving. These can be used to store books, houseplants, and tool kits. They can also be painted to match your cabinets. In addition, you can turn them upside down to maximize space and get more storage. In small spaces, you can also use them as a home office and as shelves for a laundry room.

Another trick is to use high shelving. This will save space and allow you to keep your books within easy reach. You can even add a small stool to your work space. You can also store glass canisters on a narrow shelf. These simple solutions will increase storage space in a small home.

Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves can be used to organize items in any room of the house. They can be used to display favorite items and can free up counter space. They can also be used to store and organize kitchen supplies. If you have a small kitchen, wall-mounted shelves will help you make use of the vertical space.

If you do not have a lot of space, use clever baskets or hooks to increase the space on a shelf. Magnetic strips placed on the walls can also help you organize items. Another space-saving storage solution is a fold-away bed. This is a great solution for small houses or RVs.

Another great storage solution for small homes is to use the space between studs. You can use this space for brackets and shelves. You can also use exposed ceiling beams for storage. Small bathrooms also need extra storage space, so you can install shelves over the toilet. The space between doors and windows can also be used for shelves.

When you want a more permanent storage solution, you can buy wire shelving. They cost about $20 for an eight-foot x 16-inch piece. This type of shelving is a great way to organize clothes. They also help keep valuable items safe and organized. They are a smart storage solution for a small house, as they can be customized to accommodate different needs.

For a more affordable option, you can use wall grids. These inexpensive storage solutions can be placed near the doorway for easy access. If you have children, you can use them to keep track of their things and teach them to clean and organize.

Overhead cabinets

In addition to using overhead cabinets as storage solutions for small houses, you can use shelves to store items such as trays and plates. You can also install dividers to separate items. Adding shelving is also easy to do on a budget. You can also salvage old cabinets. One designer, Catherine Zola, managed to purchase five cabinets for only $150 at a local dump and two restorers. Salvaged cabinets also weigh less than new ones, making them a viable alternative for those with limited budgets.

Overhead cabinets are often used in kitchens, where they can create the illusion of extra storage space. For example, the surface below an overhead cabinet can be used to store hanging glass jars. Aside from providing extra storage, they also help create a sense of openness.

Floating shelves can be used to balance the heaviness of deep upper cabinets with the lightness of open shelving. The resulting space can be used for items such as books and houseplants, or a variety of tools. The support beams can also be painted to match the cabinets.

Another good option for small houses is using wall space. You can install cabinets on the walls to increase storage space. Other solutions include installing drawers under the kitchen cabinets and installing a lazy Susan in the pantry. This will free up counter space and make the kitchen appear less cluttered. You can also install drawers on the kick plates of kitchen cabinets. The dead space above the ceiling can also be used as storage.


Whether you are working on a budget or are a decoraholic, baskets can be a wonderful storage solution for small houses. They can hold everything from records, books, and pantry items to leftovers from your junk drawer. They are also very versatile, and will go well with any style of decor.

One popular option is the wall-mounted storage basket. Its unique design allows you to use it for a variety of storage needs. It’s especially useful when you’re short on counter space or have limited shelving in your home. These storage baskets will help you separate your mail without cluttering your counter or cabinets. The wire construction will allow you to see what’s inside without having to dig through a bunch of junk mail to find something important. It’s also easy to clean, thanks to its polyester-cotton liner.

Baskets can also be useful in the kitchen. They can help clear clutter on your counters, and they can double as wall decor. You can even get a three-tiered jute basket that’s perfect for storing produce. It comes with three vintage hooks or an adhesive hook.

Whether you have a small or large house, you can find many ways to use baskets as storage solutions. Fruit baskets are great for organizing small items, as they make them look neat and organized. It’s also a good way to organize your kids’ toys, as they’ll almost always wind up in the living room. You can also use these to organize their favorite books or toys.

Another way to use baskets as storage solutions for small houses is to store extra bath supplies. You can even place them on the foot of the bed to keep them off the floor. Baskets can also be used for books, while wicker baskets are ideal for extra bed pillows.