While shopping for an outdoor cat bed, consider the weather and your cats’ needs. Certain types of beds are better for cold weather while others are better for warm weather. Because your cats’ needs vary by season, you may want to buy two different beds – one for colder weather and one for warmer weather. But remember that these beds should be reusable, washable, and portable.

Heated cat beds

Heated outdoor cat beds have been around for quite some time, and have proved to be extremely useful for many cats. Not only do they give your cat a warm place to sleep, but they can also be a great way to save on electricity bills. These products work by retaining a constant temperature of 102 degrees, which is ideal for a cat’s joints. They also feature a thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature, which helps you cut down on your energy costs.

Heated outdoor cat beds also offer added security. They are typically made of a tough ABS plastic material that keeps your cat warm throughout the night. There are three settings that you can choose for your cat’s temperature. For example, if you want your cat to sleep on the bed during the day, choose a lower setting for the night.

There are many different types of outdoor cat beds. Some are made for cats while others are made for dogs. They are not machine washable but can be cleaned easily with a hose or a cloth. A few of these are made from synthetic materials that are compatible with mild soap. You can purchase these beds in a variety of sizes, including giant dog-sized models.

Another type of heated outdoor cat bed is a heating mat. This type of heated mat has a bolstered cushion on the bottom. It also comes with a dual thermostat. They can heat to 102 degrees. They can be purchased individually or in sets of two.

Non-toxic bedding

An outdoor cat bed can provide your cat with much-needed comfort and space. Unlike a traditional cat tower, which can become quite slippery and dangerous for your cat, a non-toxic outdoor cat bed can be a great way to provide your pet with a soft, safe place to sleep outside. There are a number of options available. One option is made of bamboo, which is a natural fiber that is not toxic to cats. Another option is made of non-toxic polyfill.

Although the name may make you think that a bed made from organic materials is safer for your cat, you should still be careful to check the ingredients. For example, some pet beds are made of conventional plastic, which contains a wide array of unnatural chemicals. Even recycled plastic can be a source of toxic chemicals.

Other eco-friendly options are natural materials or recycled materials. A bed made from all-natural materials is more environmentally friendly, as it will be healthier for your cat. Wool, organic cotton, bamboo, and other natural materials are some of the most common materials used for eco-friendly cat beds. They’re easy to wash and are warm enough to use throughout the year.

When selecting a bed, make sure to consider the climate in the area where you live. Certain types of outdoor cat beds are better suited to warmer temperatures while others are more appropriate for colder climates. Ultimately, you want to buy a non-toxic outdoor cat bed that provides your cat with adequate protection and is not toxic to your home.

Easy to clean

Cleaning an outdoor cat bed is simple if you use the right method. First, remove the faux fleece from the cover. Then, use a mild detergent to wipe the bed clean. You can also use natural products to clean your bedding. One such natural product is half a cup of white vinegar, which is a fabric softener. This solution has the added benefit of killing mildew and mold. It also makes the bed smell fresh and clean.

Once the cat bed is thoroughly cleaned, you can use a detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals. You can also use a lint remover to remove excess dirt. A vacuum on low is also a good idea to remove extra hair and dirt. Pre-cleaning and spot cleaning are critical steps for keeping an outdoor cat bed clean.

If you do not want to wash the bed in a machine, you can hand-wash it instead. It’s a good idea to use hot water and rubber gloves. You can also use liquid dishwashing soap or pet-safe detergent. You can also add fabric softener to the water to help get rid of pet hair.

Before washing the cat bed, you should first remove all food waste from it. Afterwards, pull the cover off and place the bed inside a washer. Do not wash other items in the washer with the cat bed.


Whether you’re camping or taking your pet to the beach, a portable outdoor cat bed can be the perfect solution. Many of them are lightweight and easy to set up, and some feature ventilation. These features help keep your cat comfortable even during extreme temperatures. And, they’re easy to clean, too.

An elevated outdoor cat bed is perfect for maximizing air circulation, which is critical to a cat’s health. These types of beds are made with breathable mesh fabrics and a sturdy, metal frame that raises them up 7 inches from the ground. The raised height allows your cat to breathe and stay cool even during the hottest summer days.

Flexible design

A flexible design for an outdoor cat bed means that you can make it to suit your cat’s needs. You can make a large or small bed, with different types of padding. You can also make it wall mounted, if you can find a stud or two. Besides a bed that is easy to transport, you can also make one that is easy to clean.

The base of the bed should be padded with a soft, natural material. Cotton or wool batting is ideal. You can also use old clothing as a pad. Simply refashion the old fabric into a pillow the same size as the bed’s bottom. You can wash and reuse the pad.

Another consideration when choosing a cat bed is the type of sleep the cat likes. If your cat is prone to burrowing, a bed with full-surround cushioning may be best. If your cat prefers to lay on its side, it might prefer a bolstered bed that has some cushioning around the head and neck.

A cat bed with a heating element can also be an excellent option. Its inner layers reflect the cat’s body heat, keeping it warm for your cat even when it’s cold outside. Some models feature an electrical cord that is easily plugged into any standard wall socket.


Price is an important consideration when purchasing an outdoor cat bed. However, you should also be aware of the warranty period. If you are buying an outdoor cat bed online, check the warranty period to make sure you are getting the best deal. Some manufacturers offer warranties up to a year. If you find that the warranty period is too long, look for a different option.

Most outdoor pet beds come with a 5.5-foot steel wrapped cord to plug them in. However, if you live in an area with limited electrical outlets, you may need an extension cord or a different type of outlet. Outdoor pet beds are also available in giant dog sizes. However, they are not always as comfortable for your pet.

Choosing an outdoor cat bed can be a difficult task. There are many different types and prices. The price of a particular outdoor cat bed depends on a number of factors, including the manufacturer’s reputation, ingredients, customer service, and corporate history. Lastly, the bed should fit within your budget.

The oxford fabric used for outdoor cat beds is waterproof and soft. Some are stuffed to provide extra comfort. Some of these beds even come with bolsters and a lower edge. This is an advantage if you own a cat that likes to scratch or jump out of the bed. Buying a bed that will prevent scratches and other accidents from occurring is an ideal investment.