The good news is that there are some easy and inexpensive ways to organize your garage. For example, you can build overhead storage in your garage using two x twos and screws. For another DIY project, you can create a garage shoe organizer to keep spray paint and other items off the floor. These organizers hold up to two cans each and can be attached to the wall of your garage with wall anchors.


Pegboards are an excellent choice for organizing a garage. They are relatively inexpensive and allow you to scan stored items more easily. They can also help prevent the spread of dust and dirt. They are also useful for storing tools that are often used, such as screwdrivers and wrenches, which are often the same size.

Pegboards can be easily mounted on garage walls. They are usually mounted on the side of the wall, but they also work well in the corner. By mounting them on the walls, you’ll get a more functional organizing system and more usable space. You can also convert old shoe hangers or shelves into pegboard organizers.

Pegboards can also be used in living spaces or home gyms. They can be made to look classy by applying a coat of paint or mitered molding. Make sure you buffer the boards with furring strips to provide enough space for the hooks. Using pegboards in a garage can transform the space into a functional work area.

Soda bottles can be hung on a pegboard, and you can use them to organize small items. If the bottles are not too large, they’ll fit well on a pegboard. For the bottles that are larger, you can use aluminum cans. Unlike plastic bottles, aluminum cans have a wider opening at the top, making them a great choice. Aluminum cans are also a great option for storing small items and do not require cutting out pieces.

Garages can be a messy place, so it’s vital to get them organized. There are many ways to organize them without spending a lot of money. The best way to keep your garage organized is to keep things off the floor. A pegboard is not enough – you will also need some other storage solutions. Depending on your needs, your budget, and your DIY skills, you can choose the best solution for your garage.

Heavy-lifter shelves

Heavy-lifter shelves are a great solution to garage storage issues. They can raise boxes automatically and are operated via remote control. They are a quick and affordable way to get more storage space in your garage. Another quick and cheap garage organizing idea is to buy plastic storage bins. They are brightly colored and can hold a lot of items. These are especially handy for kid’s items.

These can be made from heavy-duty plastic materials. They are inexpensive and can be removed and rearranged easily. You can also get heavy-duty plastic containers for storing gardening supplies and cleaning supplies. You can purchase transparent plastic containers to make your garage look cleaner. These are quick and cheap garage organizing ideas that make your garage more functional.

These shelves have casters so you can move them easily. They are also strong and safe to move around. They also have thick wire grids that prevent items from falling through them. Another quick and cheap garage organizing idea is to use industrial shelving. This type of shelving is easy to assemble and holds 2,500 pounds per shelf.

While you can put things on shelves, you can also use wall racks for bigger items. Not only do these racks keep things safe, but they also free up floor space for bigger items. This is a great way to save space in your garage while still maintaining a clean, organized appearance.

The simplest and most affordable garage organizing ideas are the cheapest. MC Design offers a variety of racks, cabinets and shelves. These solutions are durable and will help keep your things in good condition. They can be a great solution for busy DIYers or gardeners.

Pallet organization hack

A pallet organization hack for your garage is a fast and inexpensive DIY project that will help you organize your tools. Pallets can be found free at local warehouses and industrial parks. You can paint them any color you want and use them to store nails, tools, and other items. Another cheap and easy idea for garage organization is to use jars to hold nails, hammers, and other tools.

Besides using pallets for storage, you can also use them as a bike rack. You can either lean them against the wall or park them on the floor. Moreover, a pallet will save you from tangles caused by extension cords. Hanging your bikes on a rack made of pallets will help you keep your bicycles in order.

Another simple and cheap garage organizing idea is organizing tape. You can use a peg board to store different types of tape. The peg board will also save space in your drawers. In addition to this, you can use a retractable cord reel to save your space and time.

Another cheap and effective garage organizing idea is to use empty laundry detergent containers. These containers are the perfect way to organize the hardware in your garage. They are cheap and easy to use, so they’re an excellent way to make your garage more organized. They’ll also make it easier for you to find what you need.

Clear jars

Clear jars make an excellent garage organization system. They can be placed at the bottom of shelves and house tools like screwdrivers and nails. These jars are also easy to identify and find, making them an inexpensive and convenient garage organizing solution. You can even mount magnetic panels on pegboard to hold jars when they’re not in use. Alternatively, you can drill holes into wooden display shelves and place small buckets inside.

Another quick and cheap garage organizing idea is to use clear plastic totes to store small items. These jars will prevent spills if they accidentally fall from the workbench. Clear plastic totes can also be used to store other tools and equipment. Be sure to label the containers for easy organization.

Once you have the supplies necessary for garage organization, the next step is to sort and label your items. It’s important to keep seasonal items in their most accessible spots, but it’s equally important to keep items that are rarely used off the floor. This will give you more room to park your car, and will prevent sloppy piles of items. To make the most of your garage organizing ideas, don’t buy new containers. Try searching for products that were gently used.

If you’re a homeowner, organizing your garage can be a great way to keep things organized. By using plastic storage containers, you’ll be able to save space and find items faster. Moreover, plastic storage containers also allow you to label them, so you can easily identify them. If you don’t have the budget for a full-blown garage storage system, you can also use an old coat rack as a storage rack. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made racks from big box stores.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are one of the best quick and cheap garage organizing ideas. They are easy to find and easy to use for storing a variety of items. For example, you can use them to store sports balls. You can also mark them so you know which bins contain what.

Using pegboard to organize your garage is another great idea. Hey There Home blogger Carolyn Corey Willis has a pegboard by the entry to her garage. It is an easy place to store a variety of tools and gadgets. This can save you from looking for your hammer or screwdriver every day.

You can also conceal garage storage by installing curtain rods or panels. This will hide unsightly equipment and clutter. Slatted wall panels are also useful to increase storage capacity. These can store big gardening tools. When installing them, you should make sure that you install appropriate hooks for heavier items. Also, the heights should vary to make them easier to access.

Another cheap and quick garage organizing idea is to install some trash bag holders. These will be handy for storing small items, and you can also use these containers for holding rags and other small items. These can also be painted to add a decorative touch. The desk can also be used by your husband as his workspace. You can also install bookshelves in your garage to keep your cleaning supplies and rags organized.

You can also use a storage island to store your tools. The ideal design would have plenty of drawers, some devoted to specific items. You can also arrange your items into categories, such as tools, bins, and winter gear. Then, you can label each compartment with a label so you can find what you need quickly.