There are many ways to organize a pantry for snacks. Some people like to use storage bins with dividers. Some other options include baskets or lazy susans. You can even hang a hanging shoe organizer to keep a variety of items within reach. A divider system is not only helpful in keeping snacks organized but it can also help you save valuable pantry shelf space.

Storage bins with dividers

Stackable storage bins are a great way to organize snacks and pantry staples. These bins are made of durable polyethylene material and can be placed on countertops or pantry shelving. They are also great for storing spices, packaged food mixes, and small craft supplies. These storage bins are great for any room of the house and can save a lot of space.

You can also get a tier-like storage bin that has a divider that lets you see what’s in each compartment easily. This is particularly useful if you have a shallow shelf or are storing snacks in a corner of the pantry. These bins can have as many as five rotating sections, each holding a different type of snack.

You can also purchase clear bins that can be stacked to save space. They can also be used in the refrigerator for refrigerated snacks. The best part is that they have a clear lid, so you can see what’s inside without having to dig around. If you’re a snack fanatic, consider investing in stackable bins for pantry snacks. Just remember to stack the taller and bulkier items in the top bin.


One way to organize your pantry snacks is to use baskets. These organizers are useful in a variety of situations and can be hung from the cabinet or wall. They also help save space in a small pantry or kitchen. These organizers are designed to hold a large number of items, but they still have enough space to move around freely.

Another way to organize your snacks is by using bins with dividers. These bins usually come in a set of two and each bin has four compartments. You can even use a bin inside your refrigerator for refrigerated snacks. If you have tall snacks or bulky items, place them in the top bin.

You can also use open weave baskets for smaller areas. These have a label on the front, which makes it easy to identify the contents. If you prefer plastic bins, you can also buy those with lids. They are easy to wipe clean and are clear, making them great for kids to see what’s in them. Plastic bins also have handles and can be used to organize bulk foods.

Another option is to buy baskets that are made of metal. These baskets are durable and can be wiped clean to keep them free of dust. They also have convenient handles, which make them easy to stack. Each basket also has a label holder.

Lazy susan

If you have deep cabinet shelves or a walk-in pantry, Lazy Susans are perfect for corralling your pantry snacks. They are an inexpensive storage solution that allows you to make the most of the space and utilize corners. These devices are also great for use on countertops and in laundry rooms. They are available in various sizes and materials.

You can use your lazy susan for all sorts of different things, from snacks to baking essentials. Using a high-walled lazy susan for snacks can help you keep them all in one place. You can also use a bottom-mounted lazy susan if your space is limited.

If you don’t want to use a lazy susan, you can also use clear containers that stack neatly. These containers are great for keeping snacks organized because you can see what is inside without having to search for them. You can even use a large wicker basket to organize miscellaneous snacks.

In order to avoid a cluttered pantry, you should first consider your family’s needs. For example, you might want to use open bins for younger children and containers with easy-to-open lids for tweens and teens. If you have older children, you might want to consider locking or screw-top lids. These organizers can also help you avoid unnecessary clutter by preserving a neat and air-tight space.

Hanging shoe organizers

If you have a small pantry, you can use a hanging shoe organizer to store small snacks, like chips and popcorn. Small items tend to get lost in a cluttered pantry, so this solution makes finding them much easier. Plus, you can use the shoe organizer to store things that aren’t quite so edible.

A hanging shoe organizer is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that lets you easily access items without having to rummage through drawers. You can buy several different sizes and assign different family members to be responsible for a particular shoe rack. Hanging shoe organizers are also great for holding paper goods and arts and crafts supplies.

Another use for shoe organizers is as a storage system for electronic accessories. One blogger used a shoe organizer to organize her cords. She stuffed each cord into a separate pocket and labeled each one according to its function. You can also use them to store batteries and lightbulbs.

Using hanging shoe organizers as pantry snack organization ideas is another way to free up space. These organizers have many cubbies and can be used for a wide variety of storage needs. Many are inexpensive and can be used as a replacement for bulky storage containers.

Clear containers with lids

Clear containers with lids are a great way to organize your pantry snack stash. They make it easy to see what you have inside, and they stack up easily. These containers are typically designed for small snacks, but they also come in larger sizes. You can find several different brands of these containers on Amazon and Chef’s Path. You can also choose a container with a divider to separate your snacks into different compartments.

Before you buy clear containers, you should make a list of what you want to store inside them, and in what quantities. This will ensure that you buy the right size container. You don’t want to end up with empty containers! Also, make sure you purchase containers that have handles so that you can carry them.

If you are looking for a set of clear containers with lids, consider investing in a 10 piece set from Rubbermaid. These storage containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are dishwasher safe. Many consumers have praised the quality of these containers, so you won’t be disappointed!

Plastic drawers

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what snacks you have in your pantry, plastic drawers can be your answer. These clear containers with lids make it easy to see what you’ve got. They are also stackable, so you can keep them close together. If you keep your snacks refrigerated, you can even use these plastic bins in your refrigerator. Just remember to store taller and bulkier items in the top bin so that you can easily see what’s in each.

You can also use sliding drawers to keep small and random snacks neat and tidy. The sliding drawers slide on your pantry shelves easily and come in three different colors. These organizers also feature pull-out shelves and have over 3,500 Amazon reviews and a near-perfect 5-star rating.

Clear plastic bins are another great pantry snack organization idea. These are great for snack storage and can also be used for bulk items, such as juice boxes and snacks. They are also inexpensive and make great pantry storage solutions.


Printable labels are a great way to organize your pantry and make it look aesthetically pleasing. These labels are easy to print and stick on your containers. They also make a good decorative statement. If you are feeling creative, you can create your own labels and print them out yourself. This will make your pantry organization much easier, and you will also have a better idea of what you need and when you need it.

There are several ways to label snacks in your pantry. For example, you can use color-coding to keep certain snacks separate. Color-coding can also help your kids learn about the different categories of snacks. Labels can also help you keep track of specialty ingredients. For example, you could label cereal or pasta by color, while a different colored box contains chips.

You can also use labels to clean inside your containers. However, be careful not to soak them in water, as the liquid can cause the labels to peel. If they do get too dirty, you can always reprint them. You can find free pantry sticker labels on the internet.