You can use a bold mural to draw attention to a planter or other planting element. Make sure that the furniture and planting complement the boldness of the mural. This will make the entire space seem more balanced. You can use both metal and wood to decorate your outdoor walls. Here are a few design ideas for your outdoor walls.

Hanging planters

Hanging planters can be a great way to add color to an exterior wall, and they can add a sense of nature to the area. These modern hanging planters can be made of ceramic and have a glossy white finish. They are classic yet modern, and you can even find planters that have hemp rope for hanging them.

There are many hanging planters to choose from, and you can even buy some that are made of metal. They’re lightweight and durable. You can buy planters that are rust resistant, and they can even be painted a stylish shade of green. Many of these come with chains and are surprisingly sturdy. Some hanging planters have multiple holes so you can change out the plants you have in them each season.

Hanging planters are a great choice for patios or porches. The variety of plants that can be grown in them can make for an attractive focal point. You can mix and match annuals and perennials to create an interesting and unique home. Remember to carefully arrange the planters.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can opt for a classic wooden planter instead. These will give your outdoor wall a stylish touch that won’t take up too much space. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made wooden pallet and hang your planters from it.

Metal signs

Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement or simply add a bit of character to your outdoor space, metal signs can be an excellent choice. They’re lightweight and can be mounted on any surface. They’re also corrosion-resistant, and you can create custom shapes and lettering with them. Aluminum and tin are among the most popular types of metal signage, and they’re both affordable and versatile.

A sign that welcomes your guests with a warm, welcoming touch is a classic outdoor design idea. You can choose from rustic designs like a sunflower or something a little quirky like a ladybug. One such design is a metal sunflower sign that has an air of farmhouse charm, antique windmill letters, and hand-painted details. This rustic-style welcome sign is the perfect size and shape for any outdoor area. It was created by a team in Austin, Texas called Circle and Line.

If you’re looking for metal outdoor wall decor, you can find some beautiful pieces online. You can mix and match different styles, or shop from a selection of popular brands. Alternatively, you can also browse through curated collections of Metal Outdoor Wall Art on Houzz. You’re sure to find something unique!


A variety of wood products and designs can be used as outdoor wall art. Climbing vines and printed wood tiles are two popular options that can add aesthetic and functional value to your outdoor wall. Printed wood tiles add a rustic feel to a brick wall and act as a statement art piece, while climbing vines add an organic element to your design. You can mix and match these materials to create an appealing look. In addition, the converted wall space can be used as a minibar.

For a coastal-themed home, consider adding a nautical-themed outdoor wall. These decorative elements are easy to find and add character to your home. Alternatively, you can add a mirrored outdoor wall. The reflection will help you make your outdoor space appear larger. In addition to adding beauty to your exterior wall, you can also use a painted mural to make it more interesting. Sculptures can also help tie the outdoor space together.

Outdoor wall art is a beautiful way to bring some warmth and character to your patio or porch. But make sure that you choose something that is durable enough to withstand the elements. This is especially important for wood pieces that are outdoors. Look for pieces that are made of lightweight pine wood that is finished in a water-resistant finish. You can also find stainless steel hardware that makes hanging outdoor wall art simple and effective.

Paper lanterns

Adding paper lanterns to an outdoor wall can be a fun way to decorate a space. They can add a sophisticated touch to an office space, while adding a rustic note to a porch. They are also inexpensive and easy to work with. Just be sure to make sure the string is tethered securely to prevent fires, and be sure to order plenty to cover a large wall.

Outdoor wall design ideas with paper lanterns make a great addition to patios, balconies, and other outdoor spaces. They are simple to hang and can create a magical canopy of color. They are a great way to dress up a space without spending a lot of money. For a more dramatic effect, consider using several round paper lanterns in a cluster. Using an array of different shapes is even better. Odd-numbered lanterns work best.

Paper lanterns can also add a whimsical element to a party. Decorative lanterns can be decorated with pom-poms made from tissue paper or colorful tassels. Hanging them from tree branches can also be a fun way to set the mood during a party.

These lanterns are centuries old, but their timeless style and versatility make them the perfect outdoor wall decor. They can add a playful feel to any room. They are a wonderful way to add color and light to your outdoor living area. They can be used in a variety of ways, including in the garden, on a porch, or on a patio.

Vertical gardens

There are many reasons why you might want to include a vertical garden in your yard. These gardens not only add beauty, but also can improve the quality of your air. They can reduce noise levels by absorbing and reflecting loud sounds. They also provide better insulation to buildings. And, because they balance humidity, they reduce your need for air conditioning.

There are various ways to attach a vertical garden to your wall. You can either buy a ready-made plant system or build one yourself. Regardless of the type of system you choose, they’re going to require some planning and labor. If you’re looking to save time, you can use a vertical gardening kit. These systems can include everything you need to grow plants, including the plants.

One of the most common ways to use a vertical garden is to create a living wall. These walls are typically covered in climbing plants. However, you can also create modular systems that allow plants to grow inside of structures. The movement behind this method has its roots in France, where botanist Patrick Blanc first created his first green wall project in 1988. These living walls are often referred to as vegetal walls or living paintings.

Another way to create an interesting vertical garden is to use tires. Aside from being a great source of free green space, these tires can also double as colorful flower pots. You can plant small shrubs or even lettuce in them. Kids will love plucking flowers from them. You can also make a vertical garden using plastic drain pipes, which you can connect in the desired pattern. Then, add your plants and greenery and you have a vertical garden.