Garage organization ideas can help you maximize the limited space you have inside your garage and get your car back in. Clearing items from the floor will make it easier to drive in and out of the garage. To get rid of leftover debris, consider calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK and have it removed for you.

Wall storage

Garage organization ideas can help you keep your space clean and free of clutter. One way to organize your space is to install wall storage systems. These systems can be modular and can hold just about anything. They can also hang from the ceiling. If you need more storage space, you can buy racks and shelving.

The first step in garage organization is to declutter. Then, decide what you need to keep. Set up shelves for smaller items and wall racks for larger items. This will help you keep smaller items in one place and free up floor space for bigger things. Once you have gotten rid of unnecessary items, you can use the remaining space wisely.

Next, label your items. It’s easier to find items if you know what you’re looking for. You can also categorize the items in your garage by category. For example, you can put winter gear on one wall and tools on another. You can also use one wall for bins or containers for gardening tools.

Another good garage organization idea is to add slat walls. These are ideal for storing larger items. These storage solutions can be installed anywhere in the garage and are easy to move. They also offer plenty of flexibility and can be easily rearranged. Hooks can also be installed on the walls and can be used to store almost anything.

Ceiling-mounted storage racks

If you want to organize your garage space, you can choose from a variety of ceiling-mounted storage racks. These racks are designed for installation on wooden ceiling joists. They may require some adjustments to fit the width of the ceiling. You may also connect additional racks to create more storage space.

These storage racks offer several advantages. They help you organize your garage space and provide a safe place to keep your stuff. They also come with the necessary hardware and an installation template. They are also adjustable, which makes them an excellent choice for garage storage. They come in several heights, from 22″ to 40″ in height.

These racks are ideal for storing heavy boxes. They can hold up to 600 pounds and are made of cold rolled steel. The grid design makes them extra strong. Another benefit is that they are easily adjustable. Besides heavy-duty latching totes make great storage containers and keep out bugs and moisture. They are also much easier to identify than cardboard. You can use duct-tape or a sharpie to label the boxes for easy identification.

When purchasing overhead garage storage racks, you should look for the ones that can support 400 to 600 pounds. Make sure to purchase the ones that are made of high-quality metal to avoid scratches. Also, make sure that the storage rack has enough space to accommodate your vehicles. Then, you can park your car in the garage while the overhead racks are in use.

Rolling utility tables

Rolling utility tables are the ideal solution for a garage workshop. They take up minimal space and can be easily folded away when not in use. In addition, many rolling utility tables come with additional storage space. If your garage is too small for a rolling utility table, you can purchase a folding table, which takes up minimal floor space when folded.

Clear plastic bins

The use of clear plastic bins in your garage will make it much easier to find and access items when needed. They are also heavy and can be stacked to maximize space. To help you keep your garage clutter-free, group items by color or use labels to organize each bin. If you are storing seasonal items, consider using several different plastic bins.

Using clear plastic bins will make it easy to see the contents of each box without having to open them. Labeling the boxes will also make it easy to know what is inside. For example, if you are storing holiday decorations, label them so that they can be easily retrieved in the event of a holiday.

Plastic storage bins are an inexpensive solution for a cluttered garage. They are available in many sizes and colours. By using plastic bins to store your tools, you can group them together to make it easier to find them. There are a variety of plastic storage bins that will fit any need.


If you have a tight garage space, a pegboard system is an excellent solution. It allows you to easily organize your tools based on their frequency of use. Just draw a diagram using the pegboard and place the tools that you use most frequently in a convenient place.

Next, you can install pegboard accessories. Home Depot carries a wide variety of these. A stud finder will help you locate the wall studs and mark the general location for your top frame board. Alternatively, you can use a pencil or a pen to mark the location of studs.

Pegboard is one of the most underrated garage organization ideas. It lets you organize your tools without taking up valuable floor space. It also allows you to add additional tools with ease. You can even create multiple zones using multiple pegboards and hooks. By using this method, you can have a multi-purpose space for a garage that can handle multiple projects.

Pegboards are an inexpensive and easy way to integrate hanging storage into your garage. You can install a pegboard above your workbench, next to your door, or even on a wall of its own. You can also add specialty hooks, shelves, and baskets to your pegboard.