You can use more than just those awful chemicals to freshen a room with fragrance that only covers odors. Herbs and essential oils are the most natural ways to give your house a inviting and welcoming scent. Also my personal favorite, opening a window! The only for sure way to keep everything fresh. For natural fresheners here are some great recipes.

Sensual forest

I am a nature person, but I live in the city so I like to use this freshener to bring me to a place I love. For this recipe you will need nine drops of juniper oil, nine drops sandalwood oil, twelve drops of pine oil, one teaspoon of vodka, and two cups of water.
First, have a 16fl oz spray bottle ready.
Second, pour the essential oils and vodka into the spray bottle.
Third, shake to mix.
Fourth, place the water into the spray bottle.
Fourth, shake thoroughly.
Fifth, spray as needed for freshness.
Warning: Avoid fabrics and wood as to not cause stains.

Citrusy Lavender

Lavender is a calming scent while grapefruit is an uplifting scent, these two create a wonderful balance. If you want a balanced fragrance to fill your home you will need thirteen drops of lavender essential oil, twelve drops of grapefruit essential oil, one teaspoon of vodka, and two cups of water.
First, have a sixteen fluid ounce spray bottle ready.
Second, add the oils and vodka into the spray bottle.
Third, shake thoroughly.
Fourth, pour the water Into the spray bottle.
Fifth, shake the bottle once more.
Sixth, spray into the air as needed.
Warning: Careful not to spray on wood or fabric directly.

Create your own

Everyone enjoys different scents so why not make your own! To make you own air freshener you will need twenty five to thirty drops of one or more different essential oils. You will also need one teaspoon of vodka.
First, be sure to have that sixteen fluid ounce spray bottle.
Second, pour your choice or choices of essential oils (twenty five to thirty drops all together)
Third, place the vodka into the spray bottle.
Fourth, shake thoroughly.
Fifth, empty both cups of water into the spray bottle.
Sixth, shake thoroughly once again.
Seventh, spray as needed for freshness.
Warning: Do not spray directly onto wood or fabric, as the essential oils and vodka can cause stains.

Fire Fresheners

I personally love camping the scent of the fire burning the wood is soothing to me. If you also enjoy the smell of campfires try this. The next time you are getting ready to set a fire In you’re fire place try using bark essential oils such as pine or cinnamon on to the wood. I generally use up to three drops of my choosin essential oils. This will give a lovely outdoor effect to the feng shui of your home.

Herbal Log

Rosemary is a very strong herbal scent try using it on logs or coals the next time you have a fire in you hearth or fire place. All you do is sprinkle the herb across the log and or coals and let the fire do all the rest.
Lavender is one of the strongest smelling essential oils and herbs if you really want to get rid of an odor lavender sprays are the best way to go for those really pungent aromas.
Freshening your home does not have to be done by a chemical that is bought in the store.  You can eliminate odors by using many things that are already in your home. Keep that natural way of thinking and the earth will thank you.

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